Judgemental Strangers Yelled At Woman For Taking Out Her Baby

A woman wonders if she’s in the wrong for bringing her child to a restaurant.

A 30-year-old mother, who we’ll call ‘Janie’ has taken to the internet to ask if she was in the wrong for bringing her three-month-old baby to a restaurant. The woman, who has been a regular at the establishment for the past six years, was shocked when a fellow diner shouted at her for bringing the baby to the trendy gastropub.

Janie Brings Baby To Restaurant

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Janie was at the restaurant with her husband and some friends when the incident occurred. She had brought her three-month-old baby with her and they were seated on the outdoor patio.

“We’ve eaten here a couple times a month for the past 6 years and there are often families with kids here, so it’s not like we took the baby to a kid-free environment. We were seated on the outdoor patio,” Janie said.

Man Yells At Janie

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For the first 30 minutes, the baby sat on her lap making quiet baby noises. When the baby started to fuss, she got up to take him away from the restaurant to calm him down. As she was leaving the patio, a man from another table shouted at her.

“As I’m exiting the patio, someone from another table called out to get my attention. Thinking he was trying to tell me that I dropped something, I started looking at the floor around me. He yelled again to get my attention and said something to the effect of, ‘No one wants to hear your baby. You’re not special.'”

Janie Ignores Him

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Janie, who is not confrontational, left the patio and calmed the baby down before returning to the restaurant. The man continued to try and get her attention, but she ignored him. The baby did not fuss for the rest of the meal, but the mother and her group received dirty looks from the man and his date until they left.

Friends React

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Janie has received mixed responses from her mom friends, with some saying that the man was in the wrong for shouting at her, while others say that she should not have brought the baby to the restaurant until he was older.

Other people were also quick to say that she was not in the wrong. One person responded, “You can take your baby places, it’s not radioactive.

Lunchtime Should Be Kid-Friendly

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Another said, “If this place is kid-friendly, bringing your baby in isn’t violating some social norm.”

Someone else said, “In my opinion, lunch time is for kids, especially on the patio. A high end restaurant at night is the only time I don’t expect to find young children. You didn’t even disturb anyone, as soon as your baby got fussy, you left to calm the baby down. It shows more about the person who will complain about a baby than it does about the mom. Like you’re an adult, but can’t keep calm? Maybe he shouldn’t be out in public.”

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