New Mom Writes Open Letter Apology to Mom Friends After Childbirth

It’s easy to forget the struggles new mothers face until you’re on the other side. This is why one new mother felt an apology was in order to her friends who had gone through the same experience before her.

“I’m sorry,” she starts her apology. “I’m sorry I didn’t buy off the registry for your baby shower. I’m sorry for thinking the 10-pack of cloth bibs I picked out would be better than literally any other item you had on there.”

She goes on to apologize for being insensitive to her friends’ birth plans and for not being more understanding of their struggles. “I’m sorry for not asking more how you were feeling during your pregnancy and after you had the baby,” she wrote. “I’m sorry for not being more sympathetic when your birth didn’t go as planned.”

The apology was a testament to how much she had to learn about being a parent. “I’m sorry for thinking ‘it must be easy’ being at home all day with a baby,” she wrote. “All is to say I’m sorry for a lot of things, now that I’m on the other side. I had a lot to learn and see for myself.”

It’s easy to forget the difficult realities of being a parent until you’re in the same position. This new mother’s apology to her friends who had gone through the experience before her was a reminder of the struggles, joys, and everything in between that come with parenthood.

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Many people resonated with this apology and added their own commentary. One person said, “I usually don’t buy off the registry, to be honest. I always buy things my mommy friends say they wish they had, like bigger onesies, boogie wipes, aquaphor, books, and some food containers for when the baby is older. If it’s practical stuff, and you know it’s recommended by other parents, is it a bad idea?”

Another completely agreed with the apology. “Yes to all of this! I thought I knew but had no clue until I was a mom myself,” a woman said. “And now that I’m on the other side, I see a huge difference between my friends with kids and my friends without. Those who showed up with cooked meals and spent the visit washing dishes and doing laundry and left after an hour. Versus those who showed up late, showed up with nothing, expected lunch or snacks, to be entertained and just wanted to hold the baby. I used to be this person! And I owe a huge apology to all of my friends with kids.”

“The registry thing was a huge realization for me when I had my baby,” another woman recalled. “I always went out of my way to pick what I thought somebody wanted instead of just doing what they asked for. Like I thought I could somehow find something “better”. Then when I was pregnant i was gifted probably (actually) 400 clothing items and didn’t like/couldn’t use 90% of them with how fast my baby grew. And I still had to buy myself the things we actually needed because the registry hadn’t been purchased from.”

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