Arnie is the founder and creator of, a website resource for first time moms about pregnancy and motherhood. She is a CPA and a financial analyst by trade, and writes articles and runs this blog on the side. When she is not working or blogging, you can find her running after her very active toddler.

Hey There! It’s Arnie, a first-time mom, trying to navigate this new role as a mother.

When I was going through pregnancy, I felt clueless! With this blog I’m hoping to provide you with all the resources you need to help you get through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond– girlfriend to girlfriend!

Let’s go through this thing called motherhood together, and figure out each stage, one step at a time!

You know that friend you go to for allll the advice you ever need? Consider this blog to be the online version of her.

Apart from being a first-time mom, I am a skincare and makeup enthusiast. In December 2021, I came across this brand called Seint, and I have been hooked ever since!

I loved their makeup products so much, that I decided in January 2022 to become a Seint Artist! This meant that I could sell the makeup that I loved so much!

As a side note, I didn’t know it at the time, but finding the makeup company when I did was a Godsend. It gave me something else to do while taking care of my newborn. I really believe it helped keep me sane all those days I was alone with my baby.

Fast-forward to today and I’m still so in love with this makeup. I like to have light coverage makeup and this allows me to have 3D makeup effect even if I have light makeup coverage. It makes me so happy to put makeup on!

Random Facts About Me:
  • I love spicy food! My husband didn’t eat spicy food before he met me, but now he eats everything with hot sauce. I didn’t stop while pregnant either, so my guess is that my future baby will also love spicy!
  • I work a corporate job in the finance department. Yes, so exciting right?
  • I LOVE to travel! But never got to travel with my husband because we got married during COVID! My hope is that one day we can take a long vacation somewhere exotic with our baby!

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