7 Things Kids Should Know By The Time They’re 18. According to The Internet

What are the things you think children should know by the time they’re 18? Different people have different ideas on what things children should know by the time they’re 18. These 7 things are the most popular things that children should learn before reaching adulthood.

Kindness and empathy. A desire to learn and grow.

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Many people agree that kindness and empathy should be something children should know by the time they’re 18. However, there are some concerns about whether social media will affect this. One user shared, “With social media being so prevalent, I wonder how adversely kindness and empathy are being effected.”

Basic Chores

doing chores
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One user shared, “How to make basic meals for themselves, laundry, basics of cleaning, hygiene, basics of taxes (would have helped me a whole lot), how to change a tire in emergency, basic first aid.”

Another chimed in, “Add some very basic sewing skills to that, and some budgeting. I wouldn’t suggest changing a tire or a car, but fixing a flat tire of a bike. But that’s a local priority, I think.”.

Basically, knowing how to do basic tasks so they can be independent.

Basics of budgeting and managing their own finances.

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Many people agreed to this remark and they even provided some advice regarding this topic. One user recommended reading “The Richest Man in Babylon” and “A Random Walk Down Wallstreet”, while another said “Establishing credit. Not showing proven debt management abilities before trying to finance a car or a house is about as bad as having bad credit.”

Don’t hand write letters to the police

hand write
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Some items are more obscure. For instance, one person said this is one thing everyone should absolutely know before they’re 18: “Don’t hand write letters to the police. They can tie that to you. Same for typewriters. Best chance is snipping the letters out of a magazine.”

Do you agree with this?”

CTRL-Shift-T will reopen a tab you accidentally closed

keyboard tricks
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In the world of the internet and multiple tabs, many people were grateful to learn this trick. Many people who did not know about this trick were amazed. One user even said, “Oh my gosh! It worked! Just tried CTRL-Shift-T. How did I not know this?”

The world does not revolve around you.

Mother lecturing her child
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One Redditor said, “The world does not revolve around you. The sooner you realize, the better you’ll be.” However, there seems to be some confusion revolving this quote. Another user said, “I never understood this as I feel like the intent is “don’t be cocky” but I just read it as “you’re not important”. You should be standing up for yourself and making yourself important so that others view you as a good leader/team member. What if the world does revolve around you and it’s your responsibility to push it in the right direction.”

How do you interpret this quote?

Don’t loan money to relatives

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This one is a little controversial. OP said, “Don’t loan money to relatives. They will never pay it back.” However, one user chimed in: “Sometimes a “loan” is the easiest way to get rid of people.” Another rephrased the sentence to “Don’t loan money that you cannot afford to lose.

What do you think about this advice?

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