Demanding In-Laws: They Want Her To Pay Them After She Refused To Do Them A Favor

A woman is frustrated with her in-laws’ demands to pick them up from the airport.

Confused Cathy

A woman, who we’ll call ‘Cathy’ is asking if she in the wrong for refusing to pick up her boyfriend’s parents from the airport and declining to reimburse them for a car ride. According to Cathy, she agreed to house and pet sit while her boyfriend’s parents were out of town.

Flight Changes

Cathy’s boyfriend gave his parents a ride to the airport, and she had initially agreed to pick them up when they were originally going to come back, which was on a Saturday. However, her boyfriend forgot to inform her that their flight back was on Friday, not Saturday. Because of the flight change, Cathy was unable to pick up her in-laws due to a prior commitment to pick up a friend from a surgical center on Friday.

Boyfriend Arranges For His Parents Ride Back Home

Despite the Cathy’s boyfriend arranging for a driver to pick up his parents, they were still unhappy and demanded $200 for the ride.

In-Laws Are Wealthy

Cathy explained that the in-laws are wealthy and spend money on expensive vacations and trinkets without a second thought, which is why she doesn’t understand why they demanded her to pay for their car ride back home.

They Called Her A Lazy Mooch

Despite their son arranging for their ride back home from the airport, they still called Cathy and her boyfriend “lazy, not dependable and mooches.”

She Should Bill For House Sitting

Many came to the woman’s defense, with one suggesting, “bill them minimum wage for house & pet sitting & see how they respond!”

In-Laws Are To Blame For Poor Planning

Another pointed out, “You did everything for free and they are the ones who messed up the date.” It is clear that she fulfilled her end of the agreement by house and pet sitting for the in-laws, and it is unfair of them to demand money for a ride they could have easily arranged themselves.

They Seem Like Entitled In-Laws

One person stated, “They weren’t entitled to a ride from you even if you didn’t already have plans, but you had a very important prior commitment. You are not responsible for their poor planning.” It is understandable that plans can change, but it is important to communicate those changes and not expect others to drop everything to accommodate them.

She Should Stand Her Ground And Not Pay Them

Another person exclaimed, “What! This is nuts. They asked you to house and pet sit. If it weren’t for you, they’d have had to pay someone to do that. They changed their plans last minute and expected you and your boyfriend to drop everything – and to be honest I reckon they would have just expected you to pay the petrol too had you picked them up. Don’t pay that money!” This sentiment echoes the frustration felt by Cathy and highlights the entitlement of the in-laws in this situation.

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