She Refuses to Return Products Because They Don’t Know The Intended Receipient – Is She Wrong?

A woman wonders if she’s in the wrong for receiving and keeping packages sent to her address even though she didn’t order them.

A woman who we’ll call ‘Violet’ has sparked a debate on whether it is ethical to keep packages that were delivered to their address but not intended for them.

Violet has been receiving random Amazon deliveries for the past three weeks, containing items such as toddler books, an anti-snoring chin strap, and an 8ft pole for hanging string lights. While some may argue that keeping these items is morally wrong, others believe that it is not their responsibility to return them.

The Dilemma

Violet is conflicted about whether or not she and her husband should keep the packages. While they have no idea who the intended recipient is, they argue that it is not their fault that the packages were delivered to their address.

Additionally, they feel that they have spent enough money with Amazon to justify keeping the items. However, Violet’s husband is experiencing feelings of guilt about keeping the packages, which has prompted Violet to seek advice on whether or not they are in the wrong.

The Debate

The debate surrounding Violet’s dilemma has sparked a range of opinions. Some argue that it is morally wrong to keep items that were not intended for them, and she should return them to the sender. Others argue that Violet has no obligation to return the items, and that it is up to the sender to realize their mistake and rectify it.

One person said that keeping the items would be considered theft. They said, “you don’t knowingly keep something that isn’t yours. That’s called theft. You’ve made this into a game to guess what’s coming next.”

Another argued that it is not Violet’s responsibility to return the items, stating, “If Amazon doesn’t have [their logistics] together, that’s on them. If someone is ordering all of this and repeatedly not getting it, one would have to assume that they either don’t care or have been in contact with Amazon about it.”

Others pointed out that Amazon is not always consistent in their policies regarding undelivered packages. One person shared her own experience, writing, “It’s definitely on Amazon. Not to mention, this happened recently to my husband with two packages (mostly food and a couple of toys). He actually called Amazon and they told him to keep everything as they had no protocol for returning since he hadn’t ordered it. While I do feel bad for the other person not getting their stuff, it’s not ‘theft’ when the company messes up; it’s just incompetence.”

Finally, one person who used to work as an Amazon delivery driver shed light on a potential scam that people may be running. They said, “I used to be an Amazon delivery driver and people do this to scam Amazon.They’ll send a bunch of items to an address that isn’t theirs then claim they didn’t get it and get a refund. I’m not exactly sure HOW that works, if they’re doing it with stolen gift cards or something else and just getting the money rerouted back to their account, but it’s a thing.”

Do you think Violet has a responsibility to return the items?

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