A Woman Contemplates Divorce When Her Husband Adds a Disgusting Ingredient In Her Sandwich

A woman contemplates divorce when her husband’s prank goes too far.

Extreme Pranks

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In a recent situation between husband and wife, the wife has expressed outrage over her husband’s increasingly extreme pranks, saying “I find myself absolutely raging at him for these pranks, and he tells me I am being too serious, I’m no fun and I am a ‘chronic over reactor’ whatever that be.”

Pranks Leave Her Hurt

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The pranks have reached a point of extremity that have left the wife feeling hurt and sad, to the point where she is contemplating divorce. One of the most outrageous pranks was when her husband made coffees for their guests using her breastmilk, which she expressed made her “so angry and embarrassed.”

The Prank Goes Too Far

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The pranks continued to escalate, with the most recent prank involving her husband bringing her breakfast in bed, which turned out to be her baby’s poop. She said of the incident, “What I assumed was peanut butter on my toast was in fact our babies poop and as I have severe sinus issues I didn’t realize and took a small bite (I spat it out straight away) he laughed hysterically and I told him to get out.”

The Internet Is Furious

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Many were disgusted by the husband’s pranks, especially the last one involving the baby’s feces.

“That last one is… disgusting. Were the pranks always like this? I can’t even imagine.”

Unsuitable With A Newborn

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“Those pranks went [way] too far. Especially with a newborn. He’s treating you like a crash test dummy and your the mother of his child,” another said.

Others Tell Her To Be Patient

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Another has a different point of view. “Divorce NOT!” They said. “People are so hypocritical for suggesting a divorce. Divorce is a serious matter that affects not one or two but the whole family including the innocent baby and the family of both parties. No marriage is without ups and downs. All seemingly perfect marriages have their moments. And this is one of them for you as well.”

“I know you are upset and adding the hormone, it is unbearable at this moment, but please trust your inside and stay,” they pleaded. “Find all and every means to resolve this before you choose a divorce path. Especially not for you but for your baby. The hormone will pass and you will find yourself much more tolerating than your postpartum period.”

Communicate With Him

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“Now, his action is indeed childish and unacceptable, but there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution… try to make him understand how his foolish act is bothering you and is becoming more and more unbearable. If he keeps doing it, try to get someone involved that he respects to tell him. If that didn’t work, ask him to attend marriage counselling together. But please, never make divorce an option.”

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