Did You Send Your Invitations Yet? This Baby Shower Checklist Will Help You Make Sure You Have Everything Under Control

When it comes to party planning, there’s really only two types of people: the ones who love it, and the ones who would rather have someone else plan the party. No matter which type of person you are, we can all agree that being pregnant means you have less energy to fuss around and figure out what you really need for your baby shower.

Well look no further, this baby shower checklist has you covered, and will let you know all the things you need in order to have a fun, successful, and stress free baby shower. Because who wants to stress over their baby shower, right?

Create Your Baby Registry

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First on the list is to create your baby registry, and put in all the items you and your baby need. Have no idea what to put in your baby registry? Check out this blog post for ideas on where to create your baby registry, and what to add on it.


invitation card
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Before anything else, don’t forget to send out invitations to your baby shower. I suggest sending out invitations a few months up to at least one month before your baby shower. You don’t want to put all the effort in putting together your baby shower, just for people not to show up. To avoid this from happening, send out your invitations in advance. It doesn’t need to be formal either, just a simple text or facebook invite should be enough. Don’t forget to remind your guests a few days before the baby shower as well, so they don’t forget.

Baby Shower Games

baby shower
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So this one isn’t necessary an essential, and if you don’t want to have games at your baby shower, then that’s totally up to you. I’ve been to baby showers where it’s been completely informal with just food and refreshments, and I’ve also been to some that even had an emcee! So really, it all depends on you. If you do decide to go with baby shower games, here are a few fun games you can have at your baby shower:

  • Guess The Size Of Mom’s Belly – Have the guests cut a piece of jute string to however long they think the circumference of mom’s belly is. Whoever is the closest wins!
  • Pacifier Hunt – Hide a few pacifiers around the house and ask guests to find them. Whoever has the most wins!
  • Blindfolded Diaper Change – This is for the dads: get the dads to do a blindfolded diaper change on a baby doll – it’s harder than it looks!
  • Guess the Chocolate Bar (in poopy diaper) – Melt a few different brands of chocolate bars and scoop onto different diapers. Can your guests figure out which chocolate bar is which? They can taste and smell the chocolate if that helps!

Food and Refreshments

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Figure out what type of food you’d like to have on your baby shower. The most common set up is having a buffet style, where your guests can grab as much or as little food as they want. Just make sure you have some vegetarian options, and some healthy options for those that have dietary restrictions. Also make sure you accommodate for those that have allergy reactions to certain foods.

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Decor Theme

decor theme
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The very foundation of an instagram-worthy baby shower is to have a decor theme and decorations to go along with it. It doesn’t have to be fancy: It could just be a pink theme for a baby girl or a blue theme for a baby boy. Or, if you want to do something different, you can do something that goes with the season, such as pumpkin patch in the autumn, or winter wonderland in the winter.

How about a gender-neutral baby shower theme, with lots of greens and golds? Let your imagination run wild!


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Of course, after figuring out your theme, make sure you give yourself enough time to get the decorations to make your vision come to life. Here’s a list of the items you may need for your decorations:

  • Balloons (Make sure you get at least 3 colours that go with your theme)
  • Paper Plates and Cutlery (Don’t forget to purchase ones that go with your theme as well!)
  • Theme appropriate centerpieces for your tables
  • Photoshoot backdrop. There are so many cute ones from Amazon!
  • Props. After figuring out your shower theme, you will quickly figure out which props you will need to tie together the decor.

Cake/Dessert Table

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If you’re going to order cake, make sure to get one that’s in line with your decor. Alternatively, you can just grab cupcakes and put cupcake toppers on them. Put them on a cute cupcake stand, and you’re good to go.

Party Favors

cake pops
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This one is also optional, but if you do decide to give out party favors, make sure it goes with your theme. Some great ideas to give out as your party favours are: cake pops, customized cookies, hand sanitizers, and popcorn.

Set-Up & Take-Down Teams

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Make sure you enlist the help of your close friends and family when putting together your baby shower. Will the grandmas-to-be be in charge of setting up and decorating? Will your closest friends take care of clean up? No matter what you decide to do, just make sure everyone knows their role, so that the right teams are there on time (ie. setup team should be a few hours early, and take down team should not leave the party prematurely).


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Don’t forget your cameras. In the chaos of it all, make sure that your phones/DSLR/Video cameras are all fully charged on the big day. And even if you’re not a picture/video person, you should still take a few photos here and there so you have something to look back upon once the event is over.

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