“I Always Toss The Soap Dispenser” Man Makes Wife Dig Through The Trash In A Weirdly Intriguing Soap Debacle

Recently, a man has gone public on Reddit with his story of marital strife, one fueled by his wife’s inability to keep liquid soap dispensers filled in the bathroom they share.

“I will not say my wife is OCD because I have no training to make such a diagnosis,” the original poster (OP) admits. “She is however incredibly [particular] about so much stuff.”

The unnamed man has grown accustomed to his wife’s meticulous ways, but one thing continues to irk him: her failure to keep the soap dispensers topped off.

“This requires soap,” he explains. “My wife likes liquid soap dispensers. No problem I can live with that. Except that when they are empty she forgets to refill them. So I have to use another bathroom in the house. Then she [gets mad] for bringing dirt into the house.”

In an attempt to remedy the situation, the man purchased a sleeve of bar soaps and placed them in the bathroom. His wife, however, was unimpressed with his solution and promptly threw them away, calling them “gross.”

He then tried another approach, buying refillable soap dispensers. “She [became angry at me] for wasting money on refillable soap dispensers,” he laments.

It appears his wife is not keen to take the initiative, as she buys her own liquid soap in bulk, but she fails to store it consistently.

Finally, the man took matters into his own hands and purchased his own gallon of soap. His wife, however, found it and hid it away.

“So now whenever I run out of soap I just toss the dispenser in the garbage and go get one from the other bathroom,” he says. “Then when she gets home she gets upset because she has to dig the dispenser out of the garbage to refill it. I’ve asked her to leave me a gallon of soap in the bathroom. She won’t.”

When asked about his wife’s reaction, he said, “She says I’m being an a** throwing away the dispensers. I say it’s her fault for not refilling them. I even drew a line on the one in my bathroom so I can give her a weeks warning that I need a refill.”

Having a clear divide on the bathroom soap is indicative of the larger issue at hand: the man and his wife want different things and neither is willing to compromise.

A Real Life Soap Opera (Pun Intended)

The story has garnered a lot of interest, partly because they found the story amusing, but also partly because of one comment that said, “What kind of weird soap opera is this?! Get her a good therapist…”

The subsequent commenters continued on with the soap theme:

“With little things I think you should just let them wash over you. But in this instance it’s hard not to let the frustration bubble up to the surface.”

“He’s rather worked himself into a lather.”

“Yep once you start, it’s a slippery soap.”

“Not gonna lye, they might need a clean start.”

For a crowd that is often eager to condemn the OP or the other party, this thread has taken on a different turn. It seems they are more focused on soap-related puns instead of the problem at hand.

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