The Problem with Gen Z – 10 Things To Improve On According To Boomers

Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, is the first generation to grow up with technology at their fingertips. While they are often praised for their technological prowess and their commitment to social justice, there are also some legitimate issues with this generation that need to be addressed. Here are some things the older generations say are wrong with this generation.

Technology Dependency

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“I think a lot of that generation is good at using technology but not at understanding how it works. They know how to use tech better than previous generations, but tend to know very little about making it work or troubleshooting it, let alone creating technology.”

Communication Skills

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“I’ve also noticed that they are all terrible at communication – I will tell them to call an engineer or someone on the construction team to confirm something/get some info, and it will literally take them half a day to make the phone call.”

Sensitivity to Language

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“I would say primarily if you’re giving them directions or correcting errors that they have made, you have to use ‘softer’ language. I had a couple different students complain about an architect in the office, and the way he was speaking to them, they said he was a bully.”

Inclusion Hypocrisy

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“They pretend to be all about inclusion and then go on to create as many boxes as they possibly can to place themselves and everyone else into.”

Lack of Understanding about Online Reputation

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“Gen Z underestimates the permanence of their content on the internet.”

Harmful Pranking

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“Stop “pranking” and harassing service workers and fast food workers for tiktok views. Nothing screams “I’m a [horrible human being]” quite as loudly as that.”

Constant Use Of Technology

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“Their constant use and reliance on technology has severely hindered their people skills.”

Offended on Behalf of Others

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“That they’re offended on behalf of others, who may not necessarily be offended themselves.”

Obsession with Online Presence

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“Considering how popular Tik Tok is, I worry that they are too preoccupied with how they are by perceived by other people and trying to get famous instead of just trying to do stuff that makes them happy with people they like. Their worth isn’t measured by their online presence.”

Radicalization without Understanding

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“A lot of activism without a single molecule of understanding which leads to extreme radicalization.”

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