8 Things First Time Moms Purchased That Were Completely Useless Once Baby Arrived

As any soon-to-be or new parent can attest, there is an overwhelming number of potential baby items to buy. With the proliferation of online stores, baby boutiques, and big-box stores, the choices are seemingly endless. Unfortunately, many of these items can be a waste of money and time, leading to parents feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. With that said, the community of Reddit’s Beyond The Bump shares the most pointless thing they bought for their baby.

Unnecessary Gear

bouncy chair
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The most common response was in regards to the various types of baby gear. As one user put it, “It seems like there’s a million different types of seats and swings and cradles and I honestly don’t even know what half of them do.” Many parents said that they bought expensive gear like a swing, bouncy chair, and play mat, only to find that their baby had no interest in them.

Babies Don’t Care About Clothes

baby clothes
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Many parents also shared that they wasted a lot of money on clothing that their baby never even wore. “I bought so much cute stuff and they grew out of it so quickly I didn’t even get to show it off,” one user said. Parents admitted to buying designer baby clothes that were much too expensive, only to realize that most people will never even notice the name brand.

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Buying in Bulk

formula milk
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A few parents mentioned that they had bought in bulk, only to find out that their baby was picky about their food or had an allergy or intolerance that meant they couldn’t eat what had been purchased. “I bought a huge pack of formula from Costco and found out that my baby was allergic to it,” one user said. “I had to throw the whole thing away.”

Unnecessary Diaper Supplies

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Diapers are often a necessity, but many parents found that some of their diaper-related purchases were a waste of money. “I bought a diaper caddy and a diaper genie, but I quickly realized that I didn’t need either of them,” one user said. “I just used a regular trash can and it worked just fine.

Over-the-top Essentials

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One Reddit user shared that they purchased a “$400 robotic hand-held baby swing thing”. While the swing was definitely a luxurious purchase, it was completely unnecessary. Other users shared that they had similarly over-the-top purchases, like a “$120 musical potty” and a “$250 baby water fountain”.

Useless Clothes

baby clothes and accessories
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Clothing is a must-have for a baby, but some items are simply unnecessary. A Reddit user admitted to buying a “$30 snowsuit” even though they “lived in Florida”.

Specialized Furniture

mother changing diaper
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Perhaps you’ve seen them in a store or online: elaborate changing tables, diaper pails, and bassinets. While these pieces of furniture are nice to have, they might not be totally necessary. One Reddit user shared that they had bought a “super expensive, super cute” changing table, only to realize that they could just as easily have changed their baby’s diaper on the bed.

Toys Galore

baby toys
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It’s hard to resist the temptation of purchasing cute toys for a baby. One Reddit user shared that they had bought a “$50 seahorse that made noise and lit up”. Other users mentioned “noisy rattles”, “plastic animals”, and “overly complicated” baby gyms.

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