10 Horrifying Times People Realized They Are No Longer Young

As we age, there are moments that make us realize we’re no longer young. Redditors share the moment that they realized that they were no longer young.

Cat Older Than Students

Woman Holding A Cat
Image Credit: Natalia Sotikova from Natalia Sotikova via Canva.com.

One person said, “My childhood cat lived to 21.5 so teaching freshman biology lab became very weird when I realized my cat was older than my students.”

Age Gap at Work

Group of Factory Workers in a Meeting
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Working with people much younger than you can highlight the age gap. One person said, “They started calling me “mom” or “Mama bear” on the walkie-talkies. I find it kind of endearing, actually.”

Another said, “As the 40-something working with all 20-somethings, I’m “Auntie” at work now. I don’t hate it. Just don’t ma’am me if you’d like to stay alive.”

Physical Limitations

Exhausted Man in White Fillet
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“When I fell down the last couple of steps on a stairway. No one pointed and laughed like I expected, instead they helped me up and asked me if I was okay. That’s when I knew.” When people become overly concerned about your health after a fall, you just know you’ve crossed that threshold.

Parenting Moments

Businessman Gesturing About Something
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A preschool teacher said, “It’s been a trip to watch parents go from so much older than me, to the same age as me, and now they’re younger than me!?!?”

Another person said, “My kids pediatrician was also my husband’s pediatrician when he was a kid. He was the first kid she had who came back as a parent. She was SHOOK”

Dating Differences

Man Visiting Dating Site via Smartphone in Café
Image Credit: Africa images via Canva.com.

“A new young male co-worker recently asked what app I met my husband on. I told him I met him at a summer camp 15 years ago. He then lamented about how hard it is to find a girl to date as he scrolled through profiles.”

Keeping Up With Trends

A Frightened Woman, Covering Her Mouth with Her Hands
Image Credit: Shopping King Louie via Canva.com.

One person said that they overheard a coworker talking about how he can’t stand when people are 35 and trying to keep up with fashion and style. “I was 34 so that was frightening.”

Classic Cars Aren’t So Old

Diverse Group of Men Studying Together
Image Credit: Digitalskillet via Canva.com.

“In trade school, we were doing introductions, saying a little bit about ourselves. One kid says “yeah, I’m really into classic cars, I have a 1997 something or another. Me, the other couple older folks, and the instructors all made audible groans of horror.”

What’s A Dial-Up?

Portrait of Confused Man on Color Background
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“Younger dude said his first gaming console was the PlayStation 4, first computer ran windows 8, and had no idea what we meant by dial up or rotary phones. Had to stop and reevaluate my age.”

New Slang

Portrait of confused African American man shrugging
Image Credit: Denis Mamin from Mangostar Studio via Canva.com.

“I work at a brewery part-time as a beertender (aka bartender) for extra income and free beer. I’m 45, and most of them are in their early 20s. I like all of them, but boy, did I realize quickly that I was out of touch with today’s slang in the US! We were trying a new beer, and my coworker was like, “Damn, this really slaps,” and that was followed by “no cap” by another. I stood there so confused about what these guys just said. They have all taught me much more since.”

Working Longer Than People Have Been Alive

Happy military soldier portrait
Image Credit: alessandrobiascioli via Canva.com.

“Years ago, before I retired, when I met a new young troop and realized I’d been in the military longer than they had been alive”

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