People Share 12 Wholesome Behaviors They Find Insanely Attractive

Attractiveness is often associated with physical appearance, but wholesome behaviors can also be incredibly attractive. In this listicle, we’ll explore some of the wholesome behaviors that people find attractive.

Remembering the Small Stuff

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Remembering the small details, such as a partner’s favorite candy, can make a big impact and show that someone cares.

“My boyfriend remembers the small stuff and it puts a huge smile on my face. When I get my period, I want Reese’s cups. Regular sized cups. They make the week better. I told him one time, probably the first month we were together, and he remembers each and every time. We have been together almost 2 years.”

Quiet Confidence

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Confidence without the need for attention or validation can be incredibly attractive.

“When I was in junior high all the good students would raise their hands, desperately trying to get called on. There was this one guy, Jack, who just leaned back and watched. Totally chill. Jack NEVER raised his hand. But any time the teacher called on him he knew the answer. He was the smartest guy in the class but he felt ZERO desire to prove it or show off. I’ve been drawn to quiet confidence ever since.”


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“It was really hot and we had little rain for a couple of weeks and we had backyard critters roaming around typical of the suburbs. My wife put a big Tupperware bowl of water out that she changes daily in case an animal gets thirsty. I was looking at it one day and a stick had fallen in the bowl. I was just about to remove it when my wife yells, ‘No! Don’t take the stick out, that’s so bees can crawl out if they fall in.’ I thought it was adorable.”


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When someone gets excited about something they enjoy, it can be infectious and attractive.

Lifting Others Up

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Lifting others up and celebrating their successes can show a positive and supportive attitude.

“My husband is basically a collection of wholesome traits that I find outrageously attractive. He never snarks, gossips, or puts people down. He’s all about lifting people up, whatever their life may be. He loves to hype people and celebrate life.”

Social Skills

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Being able to connect with others and show genuine interest in their lives can be very attractive.

“My husband can talk to anyone and make a connection. He would go to anyone’s family cookout and legit be so happy to try the food and find out what your aunts and uncles were like. When I say, ‘Hey, someone new is coming to our house for dinner/to spend the weekend,’ he’s just like, ‘Cool! Let’s plan recipes!'”

Compassion for Animals

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Showing compassion for animals and being gentle with pets can show a caring and nurturing side.

“Our Maine Coon has my husband absolutely under her control. He talks to her so sweetly. He’s precious with our old lady dog.”

Willingness to Help

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Being willing to help others, even when it’s inconvenient, can show a selfless and kind nature.

“No matter how tired he is, when we are visiting any of our parents, my husband fixes things around their house for them. It’s nothing for him to just install a dishwasher or move machinery equipment.”


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Showing appreciation and gratitude for the little things can show a positive and grateful attitude.

“My husband really, really appreciates anything new he gets. Like, I got him some nice sandals a few weeks ago and he has told me how much he likes them at least four times.”

Acts of Love

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Acts of love, such as leaving little notes or doing something special for a partner, can show a caring and affectionate side.

“When I told my husband how much I struggled with self-esteem, he went out and bought a heart shape bowl then filled it with little folded pieces of paper, each describing something different he loved about me.”

Doing the Right Thing

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Doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult or inconvenient, can show integrity and strength of character.

“Doing the right thing even when it’s inconvenient. I was on a date and the guy took a call from a friend in crisis. They worked the problem out and he said “I love you” to his friend (who said it back). He explained he needed to take the call and apologized that it happened during the date. No apology necessary! He demonstrated loyalty and vulnerability and it was incredibly sexy. Even better that it’s just who he is; none of it was for show.”

Helping the Elderly

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Showing kindness and respect to the elderly, such as offering a seat on a bus or helping with heavy bags, can show a compassionate and caring nature.

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