8 Non-Physical Traits Men Find Attractive In Women – What Would You Add To This List?

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to what they find attractive in a partner. Here we’ll explore some of the non-physical traits that some men find attractive in women.

Hidden Talents

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Discovering a hidden talent or passion in a woman can be attractive and intriguing. One person shared, “I went to the country with my new girlfriend. I found extremely attractive the way she looked at plants, totally concentrated. She then started to name them, one by one. It was a total surprise to me, like she had a hidden gift.”

Sense of Humor

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Having a good sense of humor and being able to laugh at jokes can be a turn-on for many men.


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One person shared that he likes kindness in women. “For me, kindness is number one because it is a prerequisite of so many other important qualities. A kind person is more likely to meet inconveniences or challenges with a degree of levity. They’re more likely to show appreciation through small, thoughtful acts. They’re less likely to argue in a demeaning or patronizing manner. They’re more likely to communicate honestly and forthrightly. Kindness is good.”


Elegant and Intelligent
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“Intelligence is sexy. Something I only really realized as I got older! If you had identically beautiful twins, but one is as dumb as hell and the other is intelligent and can hold a conversation. I’m choosing the intelligent one every time, because looks are great, but you need more than that, in my opinion.”

Independence and Hobbies

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“I personally cannot stand a woman who, when you date her, her life becomes you. I like my personal space, alone time and hobbies, so to date someone who just follows you like a lost puppy is really off putting to me. Go hang out with your friends, do whatever your hobby is, just don’t be attached to me like a limpet 24/7”

Mindless Rambling

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“The ability to engage in mindless rambling. Like having a conversation that starts from no real point and goes nowhere. Essentially the ability to not take every conversation 100% serious and just let thoughts run free.”

Emotional Honesty

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Women who are emotionally honest and able to express their feelings in a heartfelt way can be deeply moving and attractive.

Attentive Listening and Empathy

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Being an attentive listener and showing empathy towards others can be a sign of emotional intelligence and an attractive quality. “Women who are attentive listeners and are empathetic. Women who constantly talk and don’t really have anything to say bore me. Especially the ones who are judgemental and overly critical of others.”

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