Lobster, Housing And More – 10 Things Rich People Ruined For The Rest Of Us

The rich and famous have everything at their fingertips, but at what cost to us, regular folks? Here are some things people are mourning because rich people have ruined them for everyone else.

Retro Games Market

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“The retro games market. The other day I saw a store trying to resell Mario 64 for $300 and a Game Boy Color for $400.”

Affordable Neighborhoods

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“Artsy neighborhoods and student ghettos. There’s an area in my city called the University District. I live with my partner and my brother, we’re all university students, and the three of us together can’t afford to live in that area.”


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“Lobster, them cockroaches of the sea.”


Oxtail soup
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“Another one is oxtail, and it’s only recently become in demand. It used to be poor people’s food, the part of the cow no one wanted to eat. I’m in my 40s and remember as a kid, for big family dinners, there was always a huge pot of oxtail stew full of meat cause it was so dirt cheap. Pile your plate high and get seconds.” Now oxtail is reserved for special occasions for us regular folks.

Housing Market

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“The housing market.” Need no elaboration on this one, many people are pushed out of the housing market as of recent.

Pickup Trucks

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“Pickup trucks. They used to be considerably cheaper and driven only by farmers.”

Middle Class

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“The middle class.”

Thrift Stores

Poor Child
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“Thrift stores. I grew up real poor and going to the thrift stores for clothes was one of my favorite things, it was always so exciting finding cool, new to me things we could actually afford.” Now thrift stores are sometimes more expensive than new items.

Climbing Everest

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“The challenge of climbing Everest. I watched an interview with a Sherpa a while ago, and they basically said that if you have enough money and can keep putting one foot in front of the other, they will get you to the top of Everest. It’s not about having any kind of skill. It’s become an expensive, and somewhat dangerous, hike.”

Car Prices

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“Car prices. Only rich people and dummies are willing to pay 20k over MSRP for a Ford Bronco, let alone higher-end stuff. Car production is no longer hindered by supply chain issues, there is no low inventory, quit being idiots.”

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