9 Foods People Hated as a Child But Now Love as Adults

As children, we often had strong opinions about the foods we ate, and some things just didn’t make the cut. However, as we grow older, our taste buds change, and we may find ourselves enjoying foods we once despised. Here are 9 foods people hated as a child but now love as adults.

Most Food

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“Most food. Turns out my parents just couldn’t cook.”


Woman eating lasagna
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“Lasagna. My mom made it with cottage cheese and raw mushroom slices that came out like Styrofoam. It was nasty. I didn’t have it done right until I was an adult.”


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“I’ve eaten more onions willingly in the last year than in the previous 47 years of my life combined.”

“When I was young I hated onion. Wouldn’t touch it. One day my mom made meatloaf and forgot to get onion. She figured (my siblings and I) don’t even like onions so who cares. We start eating and each of us start asking what’s wrong with the meatloaf.”


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“Wet, steamed spinach. Any spinach.”

Cruciferous Vegetables

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“Cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli. Brussel Sprouts. I wouldn’t touch it if it was green. Now they’re my favorite. I air fry Brussel Sprouts for snacks. Yum.”

Pork Chops

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“Pork chops. It was so disappointing as a kid that you were having pork chops for dinner. My bf and I recently randomly decided to buy them and see if we like them now and (unsurprisingly) it turns out our parents just didn’t know how to season or cook them right.”


White rice
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“Rice. I absolutely hated rice, turns out I just didn’t like the way it was cooked.”

Brussel Sprouts

Roasted brussel sprouts
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“Brussel sprouts. When I was growing up, most vegetables were boiled within an inch of their lives. Plus, new varieties that are less bitter have been introduced. Now, a roasted or grilled brussel sprout with olive oil and balsamic or garlic is one of my favorites. If you had told me that when I was 20, I would have called your crazy.”


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“Mustard. It repulsed me in my younger days. Couldn’t get it for enough away from me. Then one night I watched a coworker eating, of all things, a chicken breast that she just dipped in plain old yellow mustard. For some reason it looked good. Well, now I can’t get enough. All varieties, all the time.”

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