“I Won’t Spend More Than $15 On Gifts” Woman Fed-up With Pressure To Spend On Children’s Gifts

A woman voices her concern on how people are pressured to spend a lot of money on gifts to young children.

Gift-giving can be a source of joy and excitement, but it can also be a cause of stress and anxiety, especially when it comes to buying presents for children. A recent post on Reddit has sparked a debate on the expectations and obligations of gift-giving.

The post reads: “I am not spending a fortune on children’s gifts. If I get invited to a toddler’s birthday party, I don’t care what relation I have to that child, I’m not spending more than $15 on a gift.”

The woman expresses frustration with the pressure to spend a lot of money on children’s gifts, even for children they may not know well. They argue that children often lose interest in toys quickly, and that spending a lot of money on a gift may not be worth it.

“I’m not going to spend a small fortune just so a child can have 2 seconds of gratitude,” the woman writes. “Kids play with toys for 5 minutes and then they toss them aside.”

The pressure to spend a lot of money on gifts can be especially challenging for those on a tight budget or for those who have multiple children’s parties to attend. The author of the post emphasizes that they do not expect others to spend a lot of money on their own child’s gifts.

“You could go to the dollar store and buy something and I’d be 100 percent OK,” she writes.

Others Weigh In

The comments on the thread provide further insight into the complexities of gift-giving, especially when it comes to children’s parties. While some users agree with the original post’s sentiment that spending a lot of money on gifts is unnecessary, others argue that the thought and effort put into a gift is more important than its price tag.

One user writes, “Yea, family I will spend a bit more [money] and thought on a gift… but when my kids get invited to parties we have a $20 limit. Gift bag is included in that price too.”

Another user shares a similar sentiment, saying, “Dollar tree for the win. Kids have no idea. If they do and they demand expensive gifts then the parents have done something wrong.”

However, some users admit to having given expensive gifts in the past before realizing how much children’s toys and items can cost. “I’m gonna be honest and say I… gave expensive gifts before having kids because I legitimately knew nothing about how much kids stuff cost. My husband and I had one [nephew] and we got him one Christmas and one birthday gift per year. We usually spent $200 each time because we were dual income no kid yuppies,” one user writes. “I can see now [that] it’s over the top because I know more about kids and toys and how much kid things cost.”

The pressure to give expensive gifts can also come from social expectations, as one user shares their experience of feeling weird not giving a “cool expensive toy” to their friend’s child. “I agree with you and I’m kind of wondering why the gift thing is the way it is. I haven’t spoken to a single parent that didn’t talk about receiving gifts as a bit of a burden,” the user shared. “Though, I’ll be going to my first toddler birthday party as a non-relative next weekend. My friend specifically said no toys, thrifted clothing, craft supplies, or outdoor activities and I feel weird not giving a cool expensive toy – even though I know for a fact his favourite thing is a basic truck toy”

Ultimately, the value of a gift is subjective and personal. While it’s important to show appreciation and love, it’s also important to be mindful of one’s own financial situation and not feel pressured to spend more than what is comfortable.

How much would you spend on a child’s birthday gift?

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