10 Boomer Opinions That Many Millenials And Gen Z Actually Agree With

While baby boomers may have a reputation for being out of touch with modern technology and cultural trends, there are certain opinions that many people actually agree with. Here are ten boomer opinions that have resonated with a wider audience.

Instant Communication

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Many people agree with the boomer opinion that just because we have access to instant communication doesn’t mean we’re obligated to message back immediately.


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Another opinion that many people agree with is that teenagers can be scary. Mainly in groups of threes

Aches and Pains

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The boomer sentiment, “my back hurts” has become a relatable sentiment for many people, regardless of age.

App Overload

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There are too many apps for everything has become increasingly common. “I hate how literally everything these days has its own app that you need to have in order to use it.”

Get Off My Lawn

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No matter which generation you belong to, people always hate it when others step on their perfectly manicured lawn.

Phone Addiction

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“People use their phones too much, particularly for texting and social media. Getting upset because your girlfriend/boyfriend hasn’t texted you back for a few hours, or hasn’t liked your photo, is so unhealthy.”

Smartphones for Kids

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Another boomer opinion that many people agree with is that five-year-olds don’t need smartphones.

Connected Appliances

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“I don’t want my stupid refrigerator connected to the internet. It has one job.”

Physical Keyboards

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While touchscreen keyboards may be more common these days, many people still prefer physical keyboards. “Physical keyboards are better.”

Subscription Services

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Finally, the boomer opinion that there are way too many subscription services actually resonates with many.

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