The Top Pregnancy Symptoms You Need To Know When Expecting

Want to know the top signs that you might be pregnant? This post is all about the top pregnancy symptoms that you should know about if you suspect that you may be pregnant.

top pregnancy symptoms

Just the thought of being pregnant could be very exciting, or very scary, or both– especially if you have never been pregnant before. It is almost instinctive for women to look up the top pregnancy symptoms right after a missed period, or when trying to get pregnant. I know that before I even knew I was pregnant, I was looking up early signs of pregnancy in order to confirm whether I actually was pregnant.

These top pregnancy symptoms will provide you with a straight forward list of signs to look out for when you think you might be pregnant.

This post is all about the top pregnancy symptoms you need to know when expecting.

Top Pregnancy Symptoms

1. Missed Period

This is the first sign that most women notice right before speculating about a possible pregnancy. If you have a regular menstrual cycle and missed your period for a few days, it may very well be that you are pregnant, or it could also be because of other factors such as stress, or changes in environment. Of course, if you have an irregular cycle, it would be difficult to tell whether or not it was truly a missed period.

2. Cramping and Backaches

Another early sign of pregnancy is cramping and backaches. I would describe it as cramping as if you are going to get your period in a few days, but then a few days passes, and nothing! Still waiting on that period to come. If you’ve recently experienced this, it may be time to purchase an at-home pregnancy test.

3. Spotting

If you are expecting to get your period and see a little spotting, you may think that you’re in the clear, thinking it is the beginning of your period. But after a day, you find that the heavy flow hasn’t happened, or any flow at all, and the bleeding has stopped. Girlfriend, if this is the case, it may very well be that you are pregnant!

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4. Fatigue

Let’s be real: fatigue can be caused by a whole bunch of things: stress at home, at work, or even at school. It might also be harder to distinguish fatigue from pregnancy if you are going through changes in your life. However, if you are feeling extreme fatigue, or more tiredness than usual, along with the other symptoms on this list, then it may be a sign that you are pregnant.

5. Nausea

This. is. not. fun. I mean, none of the early pregnancy symptoms I’ve mentioned can be described as ‘fun’, however, I think this is the absolute worst. If you are experiencing nausea, it is easy to discount it as a cold or the flu. But, it would be helpful to analyze whether you have other flu-like symptoms: do you have a runny nose or are you constantly coughing? If not, and if your partner doesn’t also have any of these symptoms, then this could be a telltale sign of pregnancy.

6. Mood Swings

Blame it on PMS, or blame it on the baby. Mood swings is another confusing sign, because it could signal your incoming period. But if you’re experiencing mood swings with other items on this list, you’ve guessed it: you might be pregnant!

7. Heightened Sense of Smell

This may sound like you have a new super power, but in reality this symptom also sucks. If the smell of your partner makes you want to barf, or the smell of anything deepfried makes you want to stay as far away as possible, then it is definitely time to take an at home pregnancy test.

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This post was all about the top pregnancy symptoms you may experience during the early stages of pregnancy.

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