9 Fun Baby Reveal Ideas Announcement To Announce Your Pregnancy

Need ideas on how to announce that you’re expecting to your family and friends? This post is all about baby reveal ideas announcement.

baby reveal ideas announcement

Finding out you’re expecting can be so exciting! And half the fun is announcing the pregnancy to family and friends! Now that you’ve found out you’re pregnant, you’re probably trying to find ideas on how to announce the good news to everyone you know!

When should you do a baby reveal announcement?

This can vary from couple to couple, and truthfully, this all depends on you. But a few things that you might consider that may affect your decision are:

  • Have you told your work yet? If not, do you have coworkers on your social media that might reveal the news before you get a chance to speak to your boss?
  • How far along are you in your pregnancy? Some people wait until after the first trimester to let people know about the pregnancy because the risk of a miscarriage dramatically decreases after the first trimester. However, this completely depends on you.
  • Do you even want to do a pregnancy reveal announcement? For one reason or another, some couples decide that they do not want to let the whole world know that they are expecting, and would rather let people see the growth in person. If this is you, no sweat! No one ever said it’s mandatory to do a pregnancy reveal.

This post is all about baby reveal ideas announcement.

1. Involve Your Children

If this is your second, third, or fourth pregnancy, why not include your child/children in your pregnancy reveal to add a fun twist to the baby reveal announcement?

2. Involve Your Pets

Got fur babies? There’s nothing cuter than pets announcing that they’re expecting a new member of the family!

3. Use Short-form Video

Tiktok videos, instagram reels, or youtube shorts. Whatever platform you like using, if you’re into creating short-form video, this is an opportunity to use your video editing skills to create a fun baby reveal announcement! Check out the one my husband and I did for our first pregnancy!


Hello world! 👋 👶 @arproject91 ##preggytiktok

♬ Make You Mine – PUBLIC

4. Use Humour To Announce Your Pregnancy!

No one said pregnancy reveals have to be serious! Use humour to announce the big news!

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5. Use Your Hobbies

Do you and your husband love running, the first image below is such a quirky way to announce a pregnancy while also showcasing your passion for running. If baby yoda’s more your thing, the one on the right is such a cute idea to announce a pregnancy! Pull on your current obsession or hobby to create a truly unique baby reveal announcement!

6. Season-Inspired – Winter

If you’re doing your pregnancy reveal during the winter, why not take it outside and use the elements to your advantage and create a truly unique pregnancy reveal?

7. Season-Inspired – Spring

Spring flowers bring May… babies? Spring is such a wonderful time of the year, everything’s blooming and coming to life. Play on this beautiful quality of Spring and announce your pregnancy with pink blooms and cherry blossoms!

8. Season-Inspired – Summer

Are sunflowers the epitome of Summer or what? If you’re anywhere near a sunflower field and you are doing your pregnancy reveal in the summer, head over to your nearest sunflower field for a fun pregnancy reveal photoshoot!

9. Season-Inspired – Fall

Ah Fall! My favourite season! Use lots of pumpkin and hot cocoa to announce your pregnancy — fall inspired!

This post was all about baby reveal ideas announcement.

Did you find any of these ideas useful? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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