11 Times People Realized Their Date Was Dumb As A Stump

Have you ever been on a date and realized that your partner wasn’t the smartest cookie in the jar? These people share their hilarious stories of the times they realized their dates weren’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

Looking for Ozzy Osborne’s House

woman driving car
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She told me that her and her best friend were going to Birmingham for the weekend. They had driven through all of the wealthier neighborhoods in Birmingham, Alabama for two days trying to find a house that matched the gates to Ozzy Osborne’s house and never found it. He lives in Birmingham, England.”

Stacking Cups in the Dishwasher

man doing chores
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“Stacking cups… In the dishwasher.”

Stealing a Computer

woman on computer
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“She walked into a computer lab on campus and simply picked up a computer and walked home with it. She literally thought the computers were free for students.”

Choosing Random Pills for Birth Control

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“When she was choosing random pills from the blister of a ’21 active + 7 placebo’ contraceptive, instead of following the arrows on the package.”

Throwing a Knife

Annoyed Woman
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“When I asked her to hand me a kitchen knife and she threw it at me underhand. When I tried to explain the basics of handing someone a knife, or pair of scissors, she refused to accept that what she did was wrong or unsafe.

Using Steel Wool on a Car

cleaning products
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When kids egged his car and he thought the best way to get the egg off was to use steel wool.

Believing You Absorb Water in the Shower

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He thought you absorb a gallon of water when you shower so he didn’t need to drink water.

Asking Where Spaghetti Grows

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“When my ex asked me where they grew spaghetti.”

Decorating Cookies with Bad Spelling

woman baking
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“She texted me a picture from work, proudly showing me a cookie she had decorated for a customer. Not only did the artwork look like a 3 year old’s finger painting, but it said “CONRADULATINS”, which aside from the obviously bad spelling, she had clearly not even planned out the spacing in her head first, so it said “CONRADU” across the whole cookie, and then, in tiny letters up the side, “latins. She thought it came out pretty well. She was about 30 at the time. I’ll be honest, I broke things off shortly afterwards because of that cookie.”

Not Understanding Credit Cards

Man reviewing bills
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“She didn’t understand that you actually have to pay what you spent on credit cards. Like the credit amount she had was supposed to be her monthly limit that just resets each month”

Thinking Commercials are Recorded Live

woman watching tv
Image Credit: RyanKing999 via Canva.com.

“An ex thought that commercials were recorded live, and the people on TV were employed to do them over and over again.”

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