8 Compelling Reasons Why Those In Long-Term Relationships Did Not Get Married

Marriage is often seen as the ultimate goal in a romantic relationship, but not everyone chooses to tie the knot. In this listicle, we’ll explore some of the reasons why people in long-term relationships chose not to get married.

He Did Not Ask

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“So it boils down to “he did not ask / I did not demand” and money. Marriage is not a romantic thing. In the US, it’s primarily a legal contract whose intended goal is to protect the financial interests of the couple’s children. It is frequently misused and weaponized, which is why divorce is such a thriving and lucrative field of law. If you are not having children, getting married is pointless and potentially dangerous. On top of that, many states consider cohabitating couples common law married after they live together for a set number of years.”

Family History

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“My mother has been married 5 times. My father has been married 3 times. My sister got engaged in May to a man, 3 months later she married a different man. Not a good family marriage record. I’ve been with my partner 12 years and I have a fear of marriage.”

Disability and Medicare Concerns

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“Because it will totally screw up my disability and Medicare if I get married.”

Complication Avoidance

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“We’ve both been married before, but we didn’t like it. Why go out of your way to introduce a new complication into something that’s working?”

Prioritizing Other Goals

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“We have other goals that are notably more important to us than a piece of paper.”

Legal Protections Already in Place

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“I would say the real question is why is marriage seen as necessary? He’s already my beneficiary, emergency contact, survivorship on things, and father of my children. I don’t see the appeal or need personally.”

Negative Past Experience

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“After my first divorce after 22 years, I made the decision to stay single. However I met a women who was twice divorced. We were friends, partners and then lovers. We both never wanted the “Married “ thing hanging over us. We were together for 12 years and she died of cancer. Even though we were not married we shared the bills and everything. But yeah, at nearing 60, I won’t get married again.”

Intuition and Cheating

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“I was with my ex for almost 6 years and engaged for 3 of them but we never married. I had a bad feeling all along and when I found out he was cheating for more than half of our time I understood why I got that feeling.”

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