Forty Year Old Woman Complains That Boomers Still Talk To Her Like She’s A Teenager

As we grow older, we expect to be regarded with more respect and treated as mature individuals. Nonetheless, for some middle-aged adults, coping with unsolicited viewpoints and “advice” from Baby Boomers can be exasperating and draining. This article will delve into the challenges of being a middle-aged adult managing Boomer opinions.

Boomer Opinions on Everything

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A woman, who we’ll call ‘Rachel’ began by saying, “I am forty years old and Boomers still think they can speak to me like I’m 17. I have had it with this. Boomers who think that every little opinion or nugget of “wisdom” has to be spoken out loud, drive me up the wall.”

Adult By All Standards

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“I am middle aged. I own a home. I’m married. I pay taxes. I work a full time job. I check literally every single Boomer box that qualifies me as an “adult” in their eyes and yet still, I have to hear from perfect strangers about how I’m wrong or not doing something right or whatever the it is some Boomer thinks someone else needs to be bothered with.

Boomer Opinions on Autumn Leaves

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“Recently, a Boomer neighbor was walking by our house and told my husband and I that we shouldn’t be mulching the leaves. Literally that same day, the city we live in released a statement saying that leaving or mulching your leaves is actually the preferred way to handle autumn leaves, which is why we were mulching the leaves instead of bagging them up. This Boomer acted like I was the dumb one when I mentioned this.”

Boomer Opinions on Dogs

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“We adopted another dog recently, she’s a pittie mix and for some reason Boomers literally cannot handle that. I had one Boomer neighbor shout at me from across the street that our dog had “an evil look in her eye” and that “she should be put down because she’s dangerous.” This is after she had ran up to us with our new dog and shoved her yorkie into our new dog’s face. Our new dog reacted to having a tiny, horribly behaved dog shoved in her face by daring to try and get away from this crazy person and her awful dog, and that’s why this Boomer thinks she needs to be put down.”

Boomer Opinions on House Colors

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“We recently had our old aluminum siding replaced and we went with a dark green color. Our neighborhood is already super colorful, we have houses in every shade of blue you can think of, red houses, a pink house, white houses with fun trim colors, etc., so we stayed with the aesthetic and didn’t pick grey. And boy, do the neighborhood Boomers have a problem with it.”

“No one will ever buy a green house!”

“My house isn’t worth as much now that yours is green!”

“Why anyone would have any color other than white for a house is beyond me!”

Literally our next door neighbor’s house is dark blue and our other neighbor’s house is red, but green is over the line, I guess?

Being Treated Like a Child

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“I’m forty, why am I still being treated as if I’m not a grown adult? Why do they think I care about what they think about anything?”

Beginning Your Career

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This post prompted others to share their boomer stories. One person said, “My boomer manager literally would mix my name up with her highschool child’s name and talk to me about “beginning my career”. I’m 36, married and a homeowner. I’ve been in this field for almost 15 years. I’m old enough to be her daughter’s mother. She views me as a teenager for some reason. So does our higher up boss. She treats all the 30 something’s in the office like we’re children. One has a law degree and as such was dressed like a lawyer and our boss literally said “oh look at you in your secretary clothes”. I think if you don’t have kids yourself they just assume you’re still a kid? It’s infuriating.”

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