From Car Seats To Choking Hazards: Life-Saving Baby Tips Every Parent Should Know

As a parent, your baby’s safety is your top priority. From car seats to choking hazards, there are many things to be aware of when it comes to keeping your baby safe. In this listicle, we’ll explore some life-saving baby tips that every parent should know.

Don’t Go Down the Slide with Your Baby

Mother with her daughter on playground
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While going down the slide with your baby may seem like a fun activity, it can be dangerous. Your baby’s legs can get stuck along the side, and the weight of your own body continuing downward can fracture their leg.

Cold Babies Cry, Hot Babies Die

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It’s important to keep your baby at a comfortable temperature. If your baby is too cold, they’ll cry to let you know. But if they’re too hot, they can overheat. Make sure to dress your baby appropriately for the temperature and keep them in a cool, shaded area during hot weather.

Take a Baby/Child First Aid Class

First Aid Training - Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
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Knowing what to do in an emergency can make all the difference. Taking a baby/child first aid class can teach you how to handle situations like choking, insect bites, and CPR. It could literally save your child’s life.

Use Car Seats Correctly

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Make sure your car seat is clicked into a base or stroller before putting your baby in it. If it’s not clicked in, it’s not at a safe incline for your baby to sleep in. Also, never use car seat covers that come between your baby and the seat, and avoid aftermarket products like strap covers.

Keep One Car Door Open

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Always keep one car door open when getting everyone in and out of the car. This way, no one can get stuck in the car, even with a lock malfunction or door jam.

Watch Out for Hair Tourniquets

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Long human hairs can wrap around your baby’s appendages too tightly, cutting off circulation and causing them to cry. Flip footie pajamas inside out when washing to double-check for hair bunching up in the feet, and check your baby’s fingers and toes if they’re inconsolable.

Choose Bright-Colored Swimwear

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Bright colors like fluorescent orange, green, pink, and red are the safest options for children’s swimsuits. These colors stand out and are easy to spot in the water, making it easier to keep track of your child and to rescue them if necessary.

Avoid Choking Hazards

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Balloons, popcorn, hotdogs, and grapes are all choking hazards for babies and young children. For hotdogs and grapes, cut these foods in half lengthwise before giving them to your child.

Know What Your Child is Wearing

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For toddlers and older children, always know what they are wearing if you’re going out. Use that description if you ever get separated. Calling out in a grocery store “I’m looking for a child in a yellow shirt with a truck on it!” is more helpful than calling out the child’s name.

Don’t Cover Strollers or Car Seats with Blankets

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Covering strollers or car seats with blankets can create a greenhouse effect and overheat your baby. Instead, use a sunshade or a lightweight cover specifically designed for strollers or car seats.

Put Your Purse or Phone in the Backseat

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To avoid forgetting your child in the backseat, put your purse or phone in the backseat as well. This way, you’ll always check the backseat before leaving the car.

Have Children’s Allergy Medication on Hand

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When starting solids, it’s important to have children’s Benadryl and/or Zyrtec and a dosage chart on hand in case your baby has an allergic reaction.

Keep Toxic Items Out of Reach

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Make sure toxic items such as cleaning products, bleach, and medicines are not accessible by young children. Have the poison control number accessible in case you ever need to call.

Teach Your Child About Body Safety and Boundaries

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It’s important to teach your child about body safety and boundaries. The people that will most likely hurt your child are people that you know, so it’s important to teach your child to speak up if someone makes them feel uncomfortable.

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