10 Habits Our Grandparents Had That Need to Make a Comeback

Our grandparents lived in a different time, with different values and habits than we have today. However, many of their habits were beneficial and could benefit us if we brought them back. Here are some of the top habits our grandparents had that need to make a comeback:

Cooking from Scratch

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Our grandparents cooked most of their meals from scratch, using fresh, whole ingredients. This habit not only promotes healthier eating but also allows for more creativity and connection with food.


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Many of our grandparents had vegetable gardens in their backyards, which provided fresh produce and a sense of self-sufficiency. Gardening is a great way to connect with nature and promote sustainability.

Handwritten Letters

Letter writing
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Our grandparents often wrote handwritten letters to stay in touch with loved ones, which provided a personal touch and a sense of connection that is often lost in today’s digital age.

Mending Clothes

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Our grandparents often mended clothes instead of throwing them away, which not only saved money but also promoted sustainability and resourcefulness.

Spending Time Outdoors

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Our grandparents spent a lot of time outdoors, whether it was gardening, taking walks, or simply enjoying nature. Spending time outdoors promotes physical and mental health and can help reduce stress.

Reading Books

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Our grandparents often read books for pleasure and education, which provided a sense of intellectual stimulation and a break from other work.

Making Do with Less

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Our grandparents often made do with less and were resourceful in finding creative solutions to problems. This habit promotes sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Taking Time to Relax

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Our grandparents often took time to relax and unwind, whether it was through hobbies, naps, or spending time with loved ones. Taking time to relax promotes mental health and helps reduce stress.

Being Polite and Respectful

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Our grandparents often had a strong sense of politeness and respect for others, which promoted kindness and empathy.

Living Within Their Means

Grandmother and Baby Granddaughter
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Our grandparents often lived within their means and were frugal in their spending habits. This habit promotes financial responsibility and can lead to a more fulfilling and stress-free life.

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