Mother Calls Another Mother Irresponsible After Kids’ Playground Accident

A woman is wondering if she is in the wrong for telling a mother of a 2-year-old that she is irresponsible.


A recent incident at a playground has sparked a debate on social media after a mother, who we’ll call Cheryl, called another mother “irresponsible” following an accident involving their children. The incident has raised questions about how parents should handle such situations and whether it is appropriate to use inappropriate language in such scenarios.

She Was Excited To Go To The Playground

The incident occurred when a 9-year-old girl collided with a 2-year-old boy on a zip line ride at a local playground.

“Earlier today my 9 y/o daughter wanted to go to the park after she got out of school, so I agreed to take her,” Cheryl explained.

Playground Situation Unfolds

“Our park has one of those zip line rides, which is my daughter’s favorite so she immediately ran to ride it. The second she got on and started riding, a little boy (maybe 2 years old) ran in front of her and she collided with him, knocking him over.”

Honest Mistake

Cheryl explained that the accident was an honest mistake and that her daughter had apologized immediately. However, the other mother scolded the girl and accused her of not paying attention.

“It Was A Simple Accident”

“He started screaming and his mom ran over to pick him up,” Cheryl recalls. “My daughter apologized profusely and said it was an accident and she didn’t see him, but the mom scolded her for not paying attention and said she seriously injured the kid. My daughter started crying and I felt like the mom was being too aggressive, especially saying the kid was “seriously injured” since he didn’t have a scratch on him, so I stepped in and told the woman not to yell at my kid over a simple accident.”

Stranger Tells Cheryl Off

The situation escalated when the other mother criticized Cheryl for not teaching her daughter to pay better attention.

“She said I’m a lazy mom for not teaching my kid to pay better attention and my daughter’s too big to be playing on the playground as it is,” Cheryl said.

Cheryl Loses Temper

“Those words triggered something in me and I lost my temper. I called her [irresponsible] for talking to a child like that over an accident and said that maybe if she’d been watching her toddler more carefully, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Cheryl’s Daughter Upset

The incident left the girl feeling embarrassed and upset.

“I took my daughter home immediately. She cried the whole drive, and when we got home she went to her room. I came in to talk to her about what happened, and she said that what the woman said hurt but I was worse because I embarrassed her by “being a Karen.” I have to admit I was a bit shocked to hear that, I thought she’d be glad that I defended her. ”

Social Media Responses

The incident at the playground has sparked a range of responses on social media, with many users weighing in on the situation. Some users felt that the other mother was at fault for not watching her child more closely. One user wrote, “That lady is the one that should’ve been watching her 2-year-old and not letting him run across areas with those zip line rides. Obviously, a 2-year-old wouldn’t know that and she should’ve been watching him.”

Cheryl Not At Fault

Others pointed out that the incident was an accident and that Cheryl was not at fault. One user wrote, “Your child is mortified you called an adult [irresponsible] for the same reason she was taking it to heart when an adult shouted at her and made her cry. She doesn’t realize yet how many adults, even protective mothers of two-year-olds, are indeed, nasty individuals. She likely feels she genuinely did do something wrong.”

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