Cribs, Bottles And Diapers: 14 Items You Don’t Want To Forget To Add To Your Baby Registry

Thinking about creating the ultimate baby registry essential minimalist edition? Look no further than this extensive list that we’ve put together.

Creating a baby registry can be such a daunting process. There are so many websites nowadays where you can create your baby registry, that it could be confusing to pick one. Amazon has great items and is a one-stop shop for anything under the sun, plus, they also give you a welcome gift once someone’s purchased something from your baby registry.

Personally, I created my baby registry through Babylist, because you can list items from so many websites, and I find it super easy to use. Whichever one you decide to go with, the next step is figuring out what to add to this list.

Baby Crib, Crib Mattress and Crib Sheets

Baby in crib
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It’s no secret that baby cribs are one of the things you can’t skip on when you have a baby. But don’t forget to add the mattress and crib sheets on your baby registry! That way, you can save on the cost if one of your generous friends or family purchase these for you.

Baby Receiving Set

swaddled baby
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Baby receiving sets are one of the first things you will need when you give birth, and one of the things you will need to pack in your hospital bag. Add these sets in your baby registry so that anyone who’s looking for a gift for you can easily give a gift that will actually be used when your newborn comes.

Breast Pump

breast pump
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If you plan on pumping once baby comes, these will be useful. You can also opt for electric breast pumps.

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Baby Bottles

Baby Bottles
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Experts suggest not to get too many baby bottles from one company, since you never know which bottle your baby will take to. I love the idea of the bottle box from Babylist since you have a variety your baby can try. You can buy more of the same brand once you’ve determined which one your baby likes.

Cotton and Silicone Bibs

Baby Bibs
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Bibs are essential for baby drool, and these bibs are both cute and functional!

Burp Cloths

Baby Burping
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Burp cloths are necessary for baby puke and easy cleanup. You’d need a handful for your baby, unless you plan on doing laundry all the time. Purchase inexpensive ones from Walmart or Amazon, but add a couple in your baby registry as well so that your loved ones can gift a few to you.

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Diapers and Baby Wipes

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Like the bottle box kit, the diaper box from Babylist is a great option (and great addition) to add to your baby registry, since you won’t know which diaper brand will work with your baby’s sensitive skin until you’ve tried a few different brands. The great thing about these brands is that they are good for your baby and the environment. The only caveat is that it comes in one size only, but by the time your baby outgrows the first size, you should have a good idea of what brand your baby likes.

Hooded Towels

Baby in hooded towel
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Hooded towels are necessary when giving your baby a bath. Add this to your baby registry so that you can have the essentials once your baby arrives.

Infant Tub

Outdoor baby bathing
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Another essential for your newborn. You will definitely need a baby bath tub once your baby comes out!

Baby Bath Wash, Shampoo & Baby Rash Ointment

baby bath supplies
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As you probably have realized by now, I am all about the gift sets. It’s a great way to figure out what you need, especially when you have no idea what it is you will actually use when your baby comes. A baby arrival gift set usually has all the grooming items you need: body wash, shampoo, and even baby rash ointment. I highly suggest adding one to your baby registry.

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Grooming Kit

baby in bathtub
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There are many baby grooming kits available online, and many of them have all the first aid kit essentials your baby will need for his or her first year. The great thing about this (and a lot of the items on this list) is that you can keep it for your next babies too!

Baby Gown

baby lying down
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In creating my own baby registry, I decided not to add baby clothing because there will be those that won’t even look at your baby registry and will just give baby clothing anyway. One thing you should add to your registry are baby gowns, which will be so useful when changing your baby in the middle of the night.

Infant Car Seat

baby in carseat
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This and the next item are big ticket items, but are super necessary. The hospital won’t even let you go home if you don’t have an infant carseat in your vehicle going home. Add this to your baby registry so your parents or super generous friends can gift your the car seat. Make sure you only add one to your registry, so that you don’t get multiple car seats as gifts.


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Strollers are so expensive, but are so necessary when you go anywhere with your baby. This is another item that should add to your baby registry.

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