14 Super Funny Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

This post is all about funny pregnancy announcement ideas.

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funny pregnancy announcement

Pregnancy announcements are one of the super fun things you do when you’re pregnant. I mean, nobody ever said you have to announce your pregnancy, you could keep it a secret until you pop (some parents do this!) but society dictates that we announce our pregnancies, and i mean, if you really want to do it, why not?!

Now there are plenty of different ways to announce your pregnancy. But one of the most fun ways of announcing your pregnancy to the world is by using a funny pregnancy announcement! I mean honestly, nothing beats a funny pregnancy announcement!

If you are looking for funny pregnancy announcement ideas to let the world know that you have a bun in the oven, then keep reading, I have just the thing for you!

We Have A Winner

We have a winner! This somehow reminds me of high school when we first found out how and where babies come from. There was a ‘winner’ that got to the egg first, and voila! Babies! Honestly some people might think this is such an inappropriate and childish way to announce a pregnancy, but who cares?! Childish + inappropriate = the best funny pregnancy announcement!

Expecting A Little Turkey

image source: etsy

If your expected date of delivery is around thanksgiving, then this is the best way to announce your pregnancy.. This could also work if you are announcing your pregnancy around thanksgiving season (ie. your 4th month is in October/November). This is super cute and absolutely goes with the season!

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image source: etsy

Ever heard of Hangry? I’m sure you have, but in case you haven’t it’s when you are so angry that everything irritates you! Well now that you know what hangry is, what about Prangy? Basically the same thing, but you’re pregnant on top of it all. I mean, when you’re pregnant, you’re usually basically hungry all the time anyway!

This is such a funny shirt and makes for the perfect funny pregnancy announcement!

Ice Ice Baby

image source: amazon

Ok let me preface this by saying that the younger generation, or the older generation may not understand the reference to ‘ice ice baby’ (truthfully, it might just be the millennials that get this shirt), but if you do want to go this route, it would be such a clever and funny way to announce that you are expecting an “ice ice ___”!

My Jokes Are Officially Dad Jokes

image source: etsy

If your partner has some seriously corny jokes, then might I suggest seriously considering getting this shirt for him, for when you guys announce your pregnancy? For those that know how corny his jokes are, this would be such a hilarious way of announcing your pregnancy!

Pull Out Method

image source: etsy

Ok this is a little PG-13, but if this card resonates with you, then I suggest go for it! I mean, it’s only funny because it’s true, right?! Lol

Food Baby

image source: etsy

Come on, we’ve all said ‘I have a food baby’ right after eating a huge meal, and if you and your partner are foodies, this would be the absolute perfect way to announce your pregnancy!

Upgraded To Milf

image source: etsy

Ok first of all, when I first saw this, I thought it was soooo clever and so funny! But for those who are a bit more conservative and know what milf actually means, well they might take it the wrong way. But the beauty of doing YOUR pregnancy announcement, is that you definitely are allowed to choose exactly how to announce your pregnancy, no matter what anyone else think. 

Now, if you do decide to go with this candle to announce your pregnancy, why not pair it with this awesome dad jokes shirt?! 

Bun In The Oven

image source: amazon


Go with a classic and opt for a cute ‘bun in the oven’ shirt! The awesome thing about this is that almost anyone who sees this shirt will definitely understand what you mean! 

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Man Behind The Bump

image source: amazon

This is honestly the funniest pregnancy announcement shirt! If you are stumped for ideas and need something original, choose this. Honestly, I haven’t seen this shirt a lot, and it’s hilarious because it insinuates something… but is completely PG approved!

Best Oops Ever

image source: amazon

I love this onesie! For you mamas that maybe didn’t expect to be preggy, snag this onesie for when your little one comes! Because let’s face it, if it was not planned, it’s definitely an oops… but a super awesome oops!

Vintage Sarcasm

image source: etsy

These sarcastic vintage ladies are hilarious! If you’re into this kind of humour then this is the perfect way to announce your pregnancy in a super funny way 

Pregnant Yoga

image source: redbubble

Do you love chibi anime and would love to incorporate it in your funny pregnancy announcement? Then I have just the thing! This graphic design perfectly encapsulates how it’s like to do prenatal yoga as a pregnant woman. Except… it’s definitely much cuter than reality!

Here’s a plus to getting this: you can order a poster or even a shirt with this design on it! Put it up on your wall, or wear it on the go, it’s absolutely your choice!

What’s One More

image source: etsy

If you have a a child/children already, this would be such a perfect way to announce your pregnancy. I personally love the movie poster style way of announcing your pregnancy, and honestly…. What’s one more?!

This post was all about funny pregnancy announcement ideas.

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