Is It Harsh To Say You Regrets Bringing Children Into This World? One Woman Doesn’t Think So

A new parent shares her frustrations with motherhood, and how she realized that parenting is not for her. The responses are mixed.

The Complaint

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The woman said her daughter is 2-years-old and that she enjoys doing the ‘fun’ stuff together, such as going to trampoline parks, and vacations. However, she dislikes the day-to-day. “I hate how everything is a fight. I’ve done the parenting classes, I give her options & let her decide so she feels powerful, etc., but 99% of the time… it’s still just fielding one tantrum after the next. I’m coming to realize that I’m the type of person who shouldn’t have had kids. I’d way rather be sleeping in and taking it easy than dealing with this everyday.”

The following responses are mixed

It Gets Different

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One person said that children change all the time. “I won’t tell you it gets better because I don’t know what aspects of parenting really get to you or how your own past is influencing your experience. What I can tell you is it gets different. Really different. Parenting a six year old is vastly different from parenting a two year old and a twelve year old is a whole new world altogether and so on.”

Don’t Have Another Child

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Another person said don’t have another child. “Just don’t have another and this too shall pass. Make sure though that you aren’t giving him/her too much power/decision making. Something like showing two outfits and letting them pick is fine. Two lunch choices to pick from, again, fine.”

Some Applaud Her Honesty

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Someone responded with, “that’s a pretty honest confession and I applaud you for it. Parenting can suck sometimes.”

Called “Terrible Two’s” For A Reason

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“Eh, it’s culturally known as the “terrible twos” for a reason. You’re doing fine I’m sure! Nobody likes dealing with that.”

Mixed emotions

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One lady said that children play with your emotions. “There’s huge chunks of parenting young kids that sucks. At least once a week I regret my life’s choices and contemplate running away. Then she’ll say something funny. Or do something sweet and kind. Or I’ll watch her after she finally falls asleep and I get so overwhelmed with my love for her. But yeah I’m only having the one.”

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