“She Hasn’t Paid And It’s Been Six Months” – Young Man Deletes His Cousin’s Wedding Photos

A young man took to Reddit to ask the internet if he was in the wrong for deleting his cousin’s wedding photos. The original poster (OP) shares his side of the story online.

He Agreed To Take Wedding Photos

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OP agreed to take wedding photos for her cousin’s wedding. He says, “She wanted me to take photos getting ready, our grandmother putting a family heirloom necklace on her, the first look, the wedding, the reception, etc.”

Not A Professional Photographer

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“There was also another photographer (a friend of the groom) who was taking photos of the groom and his side getting ready, and he was also taking photos at the wedding/reception. Since I wasn’t a professional photographer, I told her I would only charge $50 for the entire day.”

OP also added that he was at the wedding the entire day, from 8 am until 10 pm taking photos and being harassed by her cousin, her bridesmaids, and his aunt.

After The Wedding

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After the wedding, OP edited and copied the photos onto individual USB drives. “I texted Sarah [the bride] a couple of days later to let her know they were ready and that I would happily meet up to exchange them for the $50. She never responded. For the next three weeks, I texted, called, got in touch with her mother (my aunt), and even stopped by her house to try and get the photos to her. She evaded every single attempt.”

She Has Not Paid Him After Six Months

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Six months after the wedding, OP and his other cousin, the bride’s younger brother, went to the movies. The cousin tells OP, “By the way, Sarah was wondering when you would give her the photos. She said she would pay you the $10 if that’s the only reason you’re talking so long.”

He Gives Her An Ultimatum

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OP was angered by what his cousin said, “I was livid. First, it was $50.” He also was furious that she tried to gaslight him by saying they agreed on $10 instead of $50. “I told my cousin… to tell Sarah [that] if she wanted them, she needed to contact me within two days so we could meet up with the payment, or I was going to delete them.”

OP notes that his cousin didn’t contact him after two days had passed, so he deleted the photos and erased photos from the USB drives.

He Caused A Rift Between Family Members

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Because of his actions, OP said “my aunt, uncle, and a few other relatives have been refusing to talk to my parents or me because I deleted ‘precious photos that can never be taken again, all because of greed’ (literal quote). My mom thinks I should apologize and am just being stubborn. However, my older brother thinks I held onto the photos longer than I should have and that I should have deleted them after the first week of trying to contact her and being dodged/ignored.”

Most Comments Are On His Side

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Most comments favor his side, pointing out that she had a wedding which costs a lot more than $50, but she couldn’t pay him a small amount of money to get the photos within 6 months.

Someone said his actions were justified, saying, “you spent months trying to talk to her and give her the photos. She refused to engage. She didn’t tell you she could not get the money for some reason. She didn’t even make the $10 claim. After 6 months, you gave her a deadline. She refused to respond. She has not engaged with you at any time despite all your attempts.”

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