Wife Furious After Husband Shared An Embarrassing Story About His Pregnant Wife With Their Friends

A man wonders if he was wrong for telling his friends about his pregnant wife’s embarrassing secret. 

Sharing Stories About Pregnancy

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As a married couple, it’s not uncommon to share funny stories with friends. However, one man may have gone too far when he shared a personal and embarrassing story about his wife. The man posted on Reddit, asking if he was wrong for telling their friends that his pregnant wife wet herself.

Wife Is Pregnant

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The man explained that his wife is currently pregnant with twins and they were having a bonfire with their group of friends. One friend brought up the topic of accidents during pregnancy, and the man joined in, saying his wife had also experienced them.

The man shared, “I thought it was fine because her and I laughed and these were other woman we were talking too.”

Wife Was Not Amused

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However, his wife was not amused and immediately got upset with him. She explained that it’s not easy to control your bladder when you have two babies sitting on it.

Husband Feels Guilty

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The man admitted to feeling bad about the situation and that his wife was “off the rest of the bonfire.” When they got home, they got into a big argument about how he embarrassed her and ruined her night.

While it may have been meant as a joke, the man’s comment clearly struck a nerve with his wife. The man should have taken his wife’s feelings into consideration before sharing her personal story with their friends.

Husband Receives Backlash

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The man’s Reddit post received a lot of backlash, with many commenters calling him out for his insensitivity.

One commenter pointed out that the man should have respected his wife’s privacy and not shared her personal story without her consent. The commenter stated, “The babies are a shared experience. Her body’s reaction to it is not.”

The same person explained, “this was her story, her own private, personal experience, to share or not as she saw fit. If you wet yourself, that will be your story and your choice. This was not.”

His Reaction Was Unacceptable

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While some commenters believed that the man was simply joking around and didn’t realize the impact of his words, others pointed out that his reaction to his wife’s feelings was problematic. As one commenter stated, “The problem is that when your wife expressed her feelings about it you ‘got into a big argument’ and then, even though you’d embarrassed her, you didn’t immediately recognize what you did as wrong.”

He Needs To Respect Boundaries

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Several commenters emphasized the importance of respecting boundaries in a relationship. One commenter explained, “Jokes do not come at someone else’s expense without consent. A joke is only funny if both people laugh.” The person added, “Share your own failings. Share your partner’s successes.”

He Should Respect His Wife

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In conclusion, while sharing personal stories with friends can be fun, it’s important to consider the feelings and privacy of others. The man in this situation should have respected his wife’s boundaries and avoided sharing her personal story without her consent. As one commenter stated, “You owe her an apology. Hopefully a sincere one, and thus it won’t be a big deal. Live and learn and don’t do it again.”

Do you think the husband should be easily forgiven in this situation?

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