Insensitive Husband Shames Wife for Breastfeeding – Was He Wrong To Do So?

One woman feels helpless after her husband tells her that he is uncomfortable seeing her breastfeeding


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Breastfeeding is a natural and important part of parenting that is often met with mixed reactions. In a recent story shared online, one husband’s discomfort with his wife’s breastfeeding of their 7.5-month-old baby has caused tension in the home.

Husband Is Uncomfortable

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The husband shared that he was happy that his wife was able to breastfeed, but felt “very uncomfortable” when she did so “in his face” while sitting in the living room. He likened it to “peeing or taking a dump” and said that it felt like he was watching his parents doing the deed.

Distraught Wife

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The wife was distraught upon hearing this, crying and feeling that she was not safe in her own home. The husband replied by saying that she was not being fair with her feelings and that she should think before saying things she can’t take back.

His Thoughts

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He said he’s happy that I’m able to breastfeed and isn’t upset that I do it,” the wife shared, “But he said he gets very uncomfortable when ‘I do it in his face, and look straight at him when doing it.’

“He feels very uncomfortable when he sees a baby on ‘a girl’s breast’,” she added.

The husband’s reactions to the wife’s breastfeeding has caused much distress and confusion for the wife.

Others Weigh In

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The responses to the original post have been incredibly supportive and many have highlighted the fact that the husband’s comfort level with his wife breastfeeding their baby is a sign of a deep-rooted issue. One comment suggested that “Your husband may need to see a mental health specialist. The amount that he is sexualizing and stigma-fying you feeding your child, then follows up with a healthy dose of denying you a right to your feelings, is deeply concerning.”

Does Not Reflect Typical Behavior

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Others have shared their own experiences, noting that the reaction does not reflect typical behavior. “My sons saw me breastfeed all the time and never once made a comment. My husband has literally helped me while we tried to get baby to latch on in those early days. It’s never crossed his mind that it’s weird,” said one commenter.

Husband May Be Manipulative

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The concern for the wife in her husband’s reaction has been a primary concern, with one comment noting that “I’m actually quite worried for you, your husband sounds like a manipulative, nasty man and he is trying to turn breastfeeding into something bad and shameful. I wouldn’t feel safe in that house either.”

Underlying Issues

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The suggestion that the husband seek professional help to address his underlying issues is a priority for many, with one commenter saying “It’s extremely clear to… pretty much everyone that the problem here is your husband’s dysfunctional response to a baby eating and it’s his responsibility to seek professional help, not yours to hold his hand while he vomits out an unhinged rant about his issues.”

Was the husband right in voicing his feelings to his breastfeeding wife?

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