Supervisor Meltdown And Inappropriate Behavior: 10 Times People Should Have Gotten Fired But Didn’t

Mistakes are an inevitable part of work, but some errors are more significant than others. From dozing off during work hours to accidentally igniting trees behind the workplace, some employees have committed actions that should have resulted in termination. However, for some inexplicable reason, they evaded consequences. In this article, we will discuss ten instances where individuals got away with misconduct that should have led to their dismissal.

Forklift Incident

Male Forklift Driver in Warehouse
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One employee hit the Occupational Health and Safety inspector with a forklift. This is a serious safety violation that could have resulted in termination, but apparently, the employee got away with it.

Customer Challenge

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An employee who worked in retail once challenged a customer to step outside and fight. The customer walked out, but the employee somehow kept their job.

Supervisor Meltdown

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A supervisor freaked out on a sales guy and just clocked out. He came back and clocked back in, and the company acted like nothing happened.

Inappropriate Behavior

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One employee tried to sleep with the boss’s wife at a work party. They were fired months later for something unrelated.

Working Drunk

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An employee in car sales showed up drunk or hungover constantly. But because they sold a lot of cars, the company didn’t care.

Tree Fire

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An employee accidentally set fire to the trees at the back of the property while taking a pee and lighting ants on fire. The fire truck had to come put it out, but the employee kept their job.

Beer Mishap

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An employee pulled the wrong valve off of a beer tank and lost around 800 gallons of beer. They managed to get it back on, but this could have been a costly mistake.

Slacking Off

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One employee would find any excuse to avoid work, spend half the day chatting on the phone, and then work unapproved overtime claiming she had too much work. Despite this, she kept her job.

Talking Behind Manager’s Back

Work in Office
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An employee was talking badly about their manager while sitting 50 feet away from his desk. The manager just walked away, and the employee kept their job.

Faking a Death

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One employee faked a coworker’s death by putting up a makeshift memorial in his parking spot on April 1st. While the head of HR was not amused, everyone else loved it.

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