The Best Nursing Dresses For Breastfeeding Mamas

This post is all about the best nursing dresses for breastfeeding mamas.

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Nursing can be very difficult when you are in public, and frankly, there are many women who are uncomfortable nursing in public. One survey found that six out of ten women hide while breastfeeding in public, while a third feel embarrassed to breastfeed in public. One way to make the experience easier is with the right nursing dress. A good nursing dress will allow you to discreetly breastfeed, and still feel confident and beautiful. However, finding the perfect one may seem overwhelming. Fortunately for you, I have found some of the best nursing dresses for breastfeeding mamas! Read on to find out more!

How to find nursing friendly dresses

When it comes to breast feeding, a good nursing dress is essential. However, with so many choices out there, picking the perfect one can be overwhelming. This article will give you some pointers on what to look for when shopping for a nursing dress.

Nursing friendly dress features

Material – There is nothing worse than wearing a nursing dress that shrinks, stretches, gets see-through when wet, or doesn’t breathe. You will be breastfeeding in it so you want to make sure the fabric is breathable and easy to wash. If possible try on the nursing dress before buying to ensure it meets your standards. This goes for all fabrics but even more so with cotton fabrics; they tend to shrink if washed incorrectly.

Shoulder Straps – Shoulder straps are very important because you want them to stay in place while breastfeeding or carrying your child/children around. I recommend choosing one with adjustable shoulder straps so the top of the dress stays put while you adjust your baby’s feeding position

Types of dresses suitable for nursing

Racerback – Racerback dresses are perfect for breastfeeding because they allow access from the front and back. It also gives you more coverage if you need to breastfeed in a semi-private area as well as allowing you to adjust your bra strap for maximum comfort.

Dress with wrap or crossover top – This type of dress is functional for breastfeeding but you do not have as much coverage while nursing because it is open in the front. The plus side is that it gives you more options on how to feed your baby and where to tie/fasten the back of the dress for optimum support.

Maxi dresses – Maxi dresses are perfect because they allow easy access for feeding and more material to drape over you if you need to nurse in a semi-private area. The plus side of the maxi dress is that it also looks great as a maternity dress. Make sure that you wear your nursing bra with this type of dress because the weight of your breasts will stretch out the neckline and cause them to sag without adequate support.

Short dresses – Short dresses are great because they allow you to adjust your bra strap for maximum support while sleeping, feeding, or carrying your baby. The downside is that they can lead to more exposed skin when nursing which leaves you more exposed in public especially with a squirming child in-tow. You may want to consider wearing shorts underneath your short dress to give you more coverage and reduce the risk of flashing people.

Seamless dresses – A good quality seamless dress is almost impossible to find but when you do they are worth it. You can wear them with or without a bra, sleep in them comfortably, and easily access your baby for feeding. The downside is that finding one that fits your body perfectly can be quite difficult.

Where to shop for nursing dresses

The best place to shop for nursing dresses is online. Many department stores don’t carry them in-store and when they do the only sizes available are large or extra-large. You can order a dress online in your standard size and try it on at home before returning/exchanging it if necessary. Here are our top picks for nursing dresses:

Short Sleeve Crossover Wrap Dress

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I really like this dress because of how versatile it is; you can wear it before pregnancy during your second trimester and after while breastfeeding because of the adjustable corset tie front and thin sleeves . Its design is perfect for fall, winter, or spring.

Maternity Wrap Dress with Empire Waist

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I like this dress because it looks great on all body types and allows you to nurse easily without having to remove the dress.

Striped Ruffle Nursing Dresses

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This is another great nursing dress option that can be worn during pregnancy as well as after while breastfeeding. It has discreet zippers that allow you to nurse discreetly without having to pull up or down the dress. It is one of the best nursing dresses you can buy because its breastfeeding friendly design is just as cute, stylish, and versatile as traditional non-nursing dresses.

Simple Nursing/Maternity Top

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This easy to wear nursing top comes in so many different colors including navy blue, black, brown, and olive green. The reviews are great with many customers stating that it was super comfortable for sleeping in during the first few weeks of their baby’s life when they needed something easy to put on, whether or not you they had to look presentable.

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Long sleeve nursing dresses

If you live in a colder climate or want to extend the use of your dresses beyond breastfeeding then consider buying one with long sleeves. You can still nurse if you have long sleeves on by lifting up the bottom of your shirt and fastening the top of your nursing bra underneath so it’s hidden from public view. There are many great options currently available online:

3/4 Sleeve Floral Maxi Dress

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This dress is perfect for autumn, winter, or spring because of its three quarters design which is extremely popular right now, both among pregnant women and new moms! The floral pattern makes it fashionable and functional at the same time.

Midi nursing dresses

Another great option is a MIDi dress which is a midi-length dress that comes to above the knee. It’s perfect for adding heels and a belt to style it up, or you can wear flats with it for a more casual look. The best part about these dresses is that they are very comfortable and easy to nurse in without having to expose your stomach by lifting up the top of your shirt. Here are some of our favorites:

Pastel Floral Wrap Maternity & Nursing Midi Dress

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This adorable maternity/nursing dress looks really cute both in the summer or winter months when you need something cool and stylish to wear. It can be worn throughout pregnancy and after while breastfeeding, and in fact, it’s made specifically for nursing! It would also be perfect for attending baby showers or hosting your own!

Black Ribbed Maternity & Nursing Midi Dress

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This is another great maternity/nursing dress option I personally love for its versatility. The simple design of this dress makes it versatile enough to be worn on its own during summer with sandals or layered underneath a winter coat while traveling on cold airplanes or sitting outdoors at football games.

Casual dresses for breastfeeding

If you aren’t into wearing traditional dresses, and want more of a casual look, then sleeveless dresses are another popular choice among nursing moms. They’re popular because they are easy to pull down while still offering full coverage of your stomach. Plus, they come in a myriad of different colors and styles so you can find one to match any outfit you have in your maternity or postpartum wardrobe. Here are some great options:

Casual Sleeveless Nursing Dress

This dress is one of the most popular choices for summer because it has many different patterns available, and the top part can be pulled up while nursing. It’s hassle-free breastfeeding and also looks really cute with sandals making it perfect for running errands on hot days .

Short Sleeve Patchwork Nursing Dress

This dress is another great option that comes in many different colours and prints. Some of our favourite options are the black top and floral skirt, and the striped navy option. It’s made specifically for breastfeeding and the top lifts up for easy, comfortable breastfeeding wherever you go.

Sophisticated nursing dresses

If you’re in the mood for something a little more sophisticated then these stylish nursing dress options are perfect for going out on dates or attending weddings and other special occasions .

Red Animal Print Maternity & Nursing Dress

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This maternity dress is a classy option that can be worn alone during summer months with some cute sandals, but it also looks really pretty paired with a blazer over the top for work or winter events. This dress will look fabulous with some drop earrings! And to be honest, we think this dress would still be cute to wear even when you’re done breastfeeding.

Nursing Evening Dress

nursing dresses formal

Talk about taking nursing to a whole other level! This evening dress is perfect for any formal event, and yes, it’s totally breast-feeding friendly! Wear it with your favourite stilettos and steal the night! It comes in a sultry red colour or a sophisticated navy blue.

Stylish nursing dresses

If you’re looking for something a little more stylish then these stylish dress options are perfect.

 Knit Wrap Fitted Maternity/Nursing Dress

cotton nursing dress

This dress comes in so many different colours including olive and burgundy, which are flattering for most skin tones. It’s a beautiful knit dress that also doubles as a maternity dress, which means you can wear it from the beginning of your pregnancy all the way up to when you wean your child from breastfeeding. It’s perfect with nude heels, and if you’re feeling extra, wear pearls with this dress!

White Floral Maternity/Nursing Wrap Maxi Dress

fitted nursing dresses

his dress has a very unique design which makes it another great option for summer events when you want something that stands out in the crowd. It comes in three different color combination, and will fit right into your wardrobe! And as an added bonus they go from pregnancy to nursing seamlessly (which is always a plus!).

Lounging nursing dresses

If you’re looking for something more casual to wear inside the house to run errands or just relax in then these lounging dress options are perfect.

Maternity Nightgown in Grey

This maternity/nursing dress is perfect to use for the home and running errands. There are snap-on buttons that make it super easy to access your breasts when you need to feed your baby. The fabric is super soft and perfect for lounging around the home!

Nursing Sleepwear Dress

This casual dress is perfect for lounging around the home in hot weather! It comes in many different colours and has cutouts for easy access during feedings.

Plus size nursing dresses

If you’re a plus size mama then don’t worry, we’ve picked dresses from Pink Blush that’s sure to make you feel fabulous! Here are a few stylish nursing dresses designed especially for the fuller figure.

Purple Floral Chiffon Maxi Dress

nursing dresses formal

This dress is perfect for summer and features a loose fitting style that makes getting in and out of it super easy. We love the lavender floral patter because it’s so feminine and is perfect for a maternity photoshoot! Wear it with your favourite nude heels or flats. Again, we love this because it can be worn from pregnancy to nursing.

Draped Maxi Dress

nursing dresses formal

This dress is perfect for summer because of the short sleeves! It’s feminine and shows just the right amount of curves! Again, We think it would look lovely for a maternity photoshoot, and would still be useful for a night out after pregnancy.

This post was all about the best nursing dresses.

We hope this list helped you in your search for the best nursing dresses, mama! Let us know which dress you would wear while breastfeeding in the comments below!

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