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If you have a maternity photoshoot coming up soon, look no further. This post is all about the best maternity photoshoot.

I’ve categorized these best maternity photoshoot ideas into four categories: indoor maternity shoots, winter, spring, summer and winter photoshoots. Hopefully these give you an idea of what to do for your maternity photoshoot, no matter what season your photoshoot is.

This post is all about the best maternity photoshoot.

Indoor Maternity Photoshoots

No matter the season, indoor photoshoots are always a good idea. You don’t need to worry about the weather or what temperature it is outside. Here’s a few different ways you can have a photoshoot indoors.

1. Midsummer night’s dream studio photoshoot

This studio photoshoot is beautiful and the baby’s breath and tulle are such a soft touch.

2. Dreamy Milk Bath

We love this one, and it’s so easy to replicate at home! All you need is milk, and a few fresh flowers, and of course, your bath tub!

3. Brick Industrial Maternity

If you’re into the industrial look, and if you can rent out a brick studio, this would be a great setup for your indoor photoshoot.

Winter Maternity Photoshoots

Winter photoshoots always take up a bit more effort because the weather can be unpredictable, plus working with melted snow can be a little messy, but the results are stunning!

4. Winter in Narnia

Does this photo not give you Narnia vibes?! We’re loving how serene this photo looks, like it’s the calm after the storm.

5. Scarlet in the Snow

This one is so beautiful, it screams winter, but is not overly festive. The red contrasts against the white snow so beautifully.

6. Winter Wonderland

This one is such a vibe! The gown is gorgeous against the backdrop of snow!

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Spring Maternity Photoshoots

Spring signals rebirth, and the beginning of life, so what better ode to spring than a maternity photoshoot? Here are a few ideas on where to take your maternity photoshoot, what to wear and even how to pose!

7. Floral Fields Maternity Photoshoot

A lacey gown in the middle of blooming fields is so dreamy, and totally gives off fairy vibes.

8. Pink Blossoms

These pink blossoms on the tree and petal on the leaves are the perfect backdrop to a spring maternity photoshoot!

9. Daisy fields

How relaxed does this look? If you have daisy fields around you, why not try a pose where you’re lying in the middle of the field, surrounded by daisies?

Summer Maternity Photoshoots

The sun is shining, the days are longer, what a beautiful time to do your photoshoot! The best thing about this season is that with a little imagination, you can take your maternity photos just about anywhere– you don’t have to be confined indoors! Here are a few ideas on what you can do for your summer maternity photoshoot.

10. Golden Hour

It might be a bit difficult to time golden hour during the summer, and if you are doing your photoshoot in the middle of summer, you may be waiting for a while for golden hour. Nevertheless, the beautiful pictures that come out of it is totally worth it!

11. Family Photoshoot

Go to an estate farm near you and bring the whole family along! Take advantage of tis time and take your family photos while showing off your bump! Two birds with one stone!

12. Green Fields

I love the simplicity and romance of this one. Achieve this casual chic look by wearing an oversized white t-shirt and go to a nearby field with overgrown grass.

Fall Maternity Photoshoots

It’s easy to see why autumn is everyone’s favourite season: it’s cozy, crisp and cool, and signals a welcome change from the long summer days. Here’s a few ideas on how you can document your pregnancy during this romantic season.

13. Pampas Field Maternity

Pampas pampas pampas. This weed has been gaining popularity for the past few years, and for good reason! It’s so pretty and makes for the most beautiful backdrop! If you can find a pampas field near you, go ahead and take your photos there!

14. Fall Foliage

Who doesn’t love capturing the bright fiery reds brought about by this season? Timing it can be a bit tricky, but if you can do it, having fall foliage as your backdrop for your maternity photoshoot would be so lovely.

15. Autumn Woodland

This one is so beautiful! Embody your inner nymph by wearing a beautiful white gown and taking your pictures near woody areas (ie. your local park), and make sure the fall colours on the leaves are in the frame as well!

This post was all about the best maternity photoshoot.

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