15 Incredibly Trendy Maternity Clothes Online That Won’t Break The Bank

This post is all about the cutest trendy maternity clothes online!

trendy maternity clothes online

Even before I found out I was pregnant, I always admired the stylish ways some pregnant ladies could carry their baby bump! I even had a secret Pinterest board set up where I saved all the trendy maternity clothes online that I would find. I wanted to look as stylish as I could while I was pregnant!

During pregnancy, I always tried to find ways where I can maximize my wardrobe without spending too much money on maternity clothing. This post is the post I wish I had when trying to get creative with my maternity fits!

This post is all about the cutest trendy maternity clothes online.

1. Skirt and knit sweater

This outfit is so cute and is perfect as we get into the cooler months! Pair a stretchy skirt that you already have in your closet with a loose knit sweater and you’re good to go! Stylish and so easy to put on!

2. Garden dress

Garden dresses are so chic, and the perfect thing to wear on a special day out as you flaunt your bump! When I needed to go anywhere in the summer I just threw on a loose garden dress I already had in the closet and I instantly looked put together, not to mention, my baby bump looked so cute!

3. Formfitting maxi dress

A maxi dress like this one from Pink Blush Maternity is also a favourite because of how easy it is to dress up or down! Wear it with a cardigan and instantly look casual chic! It’s also super easy to layer as we get into the colder months. And honestly, if you already have a stretchy maxi dress in your closet, you don’t need to go out and get a maternity specific one!

4. Leggings and loose shirt or sweater

During pregnancy, there are definitely days when you’ll feel like you just can’t be bothered to get dressed. A good pair of maternity leggings, loose shirt and maybe even a loose blazer like this will make all the difference. You will instantly look put together — even on the days when you don’t want to deal with anything or anyone.

5. Jumper

This jumper is just so cute! It’s the perfect thing to wear on a casual day out, or a day in. So in love with this, and it just goes to show that you can have fun with your style even while pregnant.

6. Flowy skirt & knit top

Look at that adorable accordion pleat skirt! Pull up any flowy skirt from your closet, pair it with a knit shirt and you’re ready to take on the world. The best thing about this outfit is that your skirt will grow with your bump since it’s not tight and structured. If you already have a skirt like this in your closet, that’s even better!

7. Off shoulder dress

I love a good off-shoulder dress because it instantly elevates a look. If you don’t think it would look good now that you are pregnant, I seriously hope you reconsider! This style is just as cute with a baby bump as it is without.

8. Loose, matching loungewear

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good old loungewear set for the days when you really can’t be bother to get out of the house. A matching loungewear is a must for those days because even though you’re not really going anywhere, a matching set still helps to uplift the mood, am I right?

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9. Trench coat with knit sweater dress

Ladies, trench coats are your best friend when it comes to outerwear while pregnant. As we all know, it’s so easy to feel way too hot while pregnant, and that’s why a light trench coat is just what you need to complete a look. Not to mention it’s so versatile and can be worn both in the spring or fall. The best part is that you probably already have one in your closet!

10. Maxi dress

It’s tough to beat a good old maxi dress, just for its effortlessness. A beautiful maxi dress can be worn on a date night, special occassion, and during your maternity photoshoot!

11. Ribbed dress with slit

Who said you can’t look sexy while pregnant? Cop this ribbed dress with side slit and instantly look and feel sexy in your bump!

12. Sweater dress

Sweater weather calls for sweater dresses! I love sweater dresses on a regular fall day because they can make such a cute fall outfit, but did you know this can also be great to wear while you’re pregnant? Again, just grab the one in your closet! You most probably won’t need to get one specifically for your growing bump.

13. Shift dress

If you want to mix things up, put on an A-line dress. It gives the illusion of a smaller bump and can be so cute with kitten heels!

14. Casual dress and vest combo

Something about this combination just screams elegance to me, even though it may seem super casual at a glance. Pair with your favourite sunnies and handbag, and you’ll look like you came straight from a magazine!

15. Striped summer dress

Striped summer dresses are another classic, yet trendy outfit idea for your bump. So easy to layer!

This post was all about trendy maternity clothes online.

Which outfit idea did you like the best? Leave a comment below!

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