“Tell The Kids To Let You Nap Today” – Insensitive Comments That Show How Clueless Men Truly Are

One husband’s insensitive response to his tired wife sparks interesting comments. Do you agree?

Wife Says She Is Tired

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The original poster (OP), who is a stay-at-home mom, told her husband how tired she is, but his response shocked her. He told her, “make sure you tell the kids to let you nap today.”

Their Children Are Very Young

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OP noted that her children are 3 years and 3 months old. The ridiculous nature of his response garnered more ridiculous replies from online trolls, as many moms feel the pain of the wife. Here are some of their responses.

Little Chefs In The Making?

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“And maybe if they’re up for it, they’ll cook u lunch too!”

Guys Have It Easy

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“In my next pregnancy I wanna be the guy…”

Husband Is So Smart

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“Why didn’t you think of that yourself! Haha bless his heart”

Throwing Hands

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“I’d tell him to make sure he has fast reflexes cause I’m throwing hands”

He Should Try Taking Care Of Them

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“Have you been letting him take care of the kids on the weekends? If not, you probably should… just so he knows…”

If It Were That Easy

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“Wow. My oldest is seven, and I had no idea it was that easy. Boy, do I feel foolish now”

Sleep With A Newborn Is Difficult To Come By

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“Sure, lemme just fall asleep with a newborn strapped to my chest while the 3 year old makes stains that will never go away on the carpet.”

Dads Can Be Ignorant Too

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“I was visiting my parents once and my youngest was like 8 months old. I came downstairs and my dad asked how I slept. I told him, “Baby had a rough night.” My dad: “But how did you sleep?”

Dad. Babies don’t have rough nights alone.”

Men Have No Idea Sometimes

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“Everyday, men show us that they deserve nothing.”

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