Top 5 Best Infant Toys For Your Newborn

This post is all about the best infant toys.

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best infant toys

As moms (whether you are a first time mom or not), we want the absolute best for our babies. That’s why if you are a mom you are probably looking into the best infant toys. Because theres so many infant toys in the market, it might be difficult to look for the absolute best infant toys for your baby. So I will give you the short list of the best infant toys for your baby.

1. Lovevery play kits

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I wrote an in depth review about the Lovevery play kits here, so I won’t elaborate further. I just would like to say that the play kit for the first 3 months has a complete supply of all the infant toys you might want. It comes with a mobile, black and white play links, black and white cards, baby rattle, and a black and white book.

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2. Lovevery Play gym

lovevery alternative
Source: Lovevery

A play gym is beneficial in developing your baby’s gross motor skills and senses. The range of colors, textures, and sounds will keep your baby entertained. According to EZ Play Toys, play gym benefits include:

  • Improved vision and hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages movement and strength building
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Cognitive benefits
  • Self awareness

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3. Soft cloth baby books

This beiens baby book is full of high contrast shapes that will have your baby engaged for a long time. It is developmentally appropriate, priced well and it’s a hit for many moms of newborns! 

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This baby book set by Bebe mondo is also so great as e it her a gift for new moms or even for your own little new born! It comes with 4 different books, each one covering a different theme, and it’s also reasonably priced. This is a great set so that you can easily rotate the books around so your baby doesn’t get bored!

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4. Teething Toys

There are plenty of teething toys out there, but this toy from Amazon is the best if you want to hold your baby’s attention. It’s got a maze of different tubes that your baby can mouth but will also keep her mesmerized. It is lightweight which makes it easy for your baby to hold and shake because surprise surprise! There’s a rattle in the middle! How fun! Parents and babies alike love this toy and many babies continue to love the toy well into the later months of the first year!

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5. Black and white cards

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Source: Etsy

There are plenty of black and white cards available in the internet but I added this in this post as an example of what black and white cards you should get. These cards are great for the newborn phase as they really can only see high contrast objects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the frequently asked questions about best infant toys.

What kind of toys are good for newborns?

According to Babylist, the best toys for newborns are those that are safe and simple yet stimulate their senses and encourage gross motor skills. Some examples are: rattles, activity gyms and board books. These are also good suggestions until your baby is 1-3 months old.

When should newborns have toys?

Newborns should have toys right when they come home. Although they won’t use it so much the first few days of their life, it’s good to have newborn toys handy for when they start becoming more alert to the world around them A few awesome ideas for newborn toys are:

  • Munari mobile – which help promote baby’s eyesight
  • A lightweight rattle 
  • An activity gym for when they start trying to reach up
  • A black and white book, again to help develop baby’s developing eyesight.
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How do I play with my 2 week old newborn?

If you just had a baby or you are just about to have a baby, you may wonder how you can entertain your newborn. Here are some great ways you can entertain or play with your newborn:

  • Hold up high contrast (black and white) cards for your baby to look at. Move the cards slowly from side to side
  • Sing to your baby
  • Take your baby around the home and describe what you are looking at
  • Make faces, talk to and giggle at your baby. She may not be saying much but she is observing everything you are doing!
  • Give your baby a massage

These are great ideas up to when your baby is 1 month old. After one month, you can start introducing an activity gym or a crinkle fabric so they can further explore and develop their other senses.

This post was all about the best infant toys.

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