14 Brilliant Toddler Essentials No One Tells You About

Do you want to know all the toddler essentials? These must-have items made managing my toddler easier. Like a lot easier! 

toddler essentials

As your little one is gearing up for those wild toddler years, you are probably brainstorming ALL the toddler essentials. I was. Honestly, I am always looking for new baby products for my little darling. Knowing the toddler essentials before that first birthday is key. Take it from me, you do not want to wait to buy these essentials when you are in the trenches!

I am sharing with you all the toddler essentials, toddler essentials clothing, toddler essentials list, and more!

After reading about toddler essentials, you are going to know exactly what you and your sweet babe need to make those toddler years smooth sailing.

This post is all about toddler essentials. 

Toddler Essentials Every Toddler & Mama Needs

Toddler Essentials Clothing

Clothing is most definitely a toddler essential! Honestly, it is a necessity for every age! I am a firm believer of having plenty of clothes. This belief has not wavered as my baby girl enters the toddler years. Why? Because babies make lots of messes. Lots of them. It is better to have plenty than not enough.


If you follow my blog, Bump to Busy Mama, you know that my daughter has eczema. All the clothes I buy for my daughter are gentle on her skin. What makes clothing gentle? Clothing that is made of natural material is gentle. Cotton, bamboo, and silk are heaven! For our family, finding breathable natural clothing is so important. I do not have eczema and also enjoy wearing clothes that are gentle and soft on my skin. Who wants to walk around feeling itchy? Not me. No thanks!

To read more about eczema and clothing, check out this blog post for more detailed information.

Some of my favorite places to shop for toddler clothes are:

  • Old Navy
  • Baby Gap
  • Carters

PRO TIP: Always check the material when shopping. 

Sleep Wear

To be 100% honest, the only pajamas my daughter wears are KicKee Pants. I rave about this brand all the time. KicKee Pants are the best sleep wear for so many reasons They are made of 95% viscose. Therefore, it is lightweight, soft, and has a cooling feeling against the skin. Once I bought one pair of these pajamas, I knew I had to buy a million more. I never looked back.

Before these pajamas, my daughter was waking up at night itching. It was miserable for all of us. These pajamas are also tagless. This is a genius idea. GENIUS! Tags cause so much irritation on the skin. They also have cuffs and footies to keep your baby warm at night. I HIGHLY recommend this brand.

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Toddler Essentials List

Convertible Car Seat

As your baby transitions to a toddler, you are going to want to buy a convertible car seat.

Some parents need to make the switch sooner than others. It depends on how big your little one is.

Make sure to check the manual for your current car seat. You’ll want to have the convertible car seat ready when your baby is nearing the seat maximum.

Toddler Bed & Rails

If your crib does not convert to a toddler bed, you’ll want to have a toddler bed and rails on standby.

When your baby begins climbing out of the crib, that is a good indicator that it is time to make the switch!

This post does a great job detailing when you should transition your little one to a toddler bed. 

Toddler Carrier

When you are out and about, you are going to want a toddler carrier.

When you are out on the town and your little one’s legs grow tired, just pop them in a toddler carrier.

Potty Chair

Bring on the potty training! You are going to need a potty chair for training.

Bath Spout Cover

Bath time with a toddler is a whole new ballgame. To protect your baby from bumping his or her head on the spout, use a bath spout cover. There are so many cute options to choose from. Happy shopping!

Play Kitchen

Besides the fact that play kitchens are adorable, they actually have benefits. They help with language. Play in the kitchen with your toddler and pretend to whip up something yummy.

Play kitchens are a great way to promote and encourage the imagination. This is my favorite part about kids. They have such a great imagination. It is so important to foster that!

Play kitchens also teach your child to be independent. We all want to instill independence in our children.

There are so many cute play kitchen accessories!

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Toddler Travel Essentials List

Beach Tent

I am obsessed with our beach tent. We live along the coast. So of course this is a HUGE essential for our family. Beach tents provide extra shade for your little one. They are also a great place for your little darling to eat their lunch or snacks in peace. Seagulls do not make eating on the beach easy. If your toddler needs a little siesta, beach tents are perfect!

Snack Cups

Ever hear that toddlers need snacks? It is so true! Do not make the mistake of traveling without a spill proof snack cup. Or a few! Better to have extra than not enough.

Toddler Diaper Bag Essentials

Besides the typical diaper bag essentials, there are a few toddler essentials you may not have thought about packing!

toddler diaper bag essentials


We must protect our little one’s skin! Even when you are not sitting on the beach, it is important to regularly apply sunscreen when you are outside.


Have you ever been out with a hungry toddler? It is not fun! Be sure to pack lots of snacks (that won’t go bad quickly) in your diaper bag.


You should have tissues handy to clean your little one’s snotty nose. We all know how messy babies are. Seems like there is always a mess to clean up! Don’t leave the house without tissues.


Distract, distract, distract! When you are out and your toddler is getting fussy, pull out their favorite toy to calm them down. Works like a charm.

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This post was all about toddler essentials.

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