5 Best Blackout Curtains For Nursery Rooms – Help Your Baby Stay Asleep

This post is all about the best blackout curtains for your baby’s nursery.

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Are you finding it difficult to put your baby to sleep because they seem to get distracted by everything? 

Having a distracted baby is both so cute and also so annoying at times. On one hand, it shows how curious they are about the world around them, but on the other hand, if you are trying to get baby to sleep, or even to feed continuously, it can be a challenge.

This is where blackout curtains for your baby’s nursery will help tremendously. Some babies are ‘good sleepers’ and really don’t have difficulties falling asleep, but some babies will have difficulty falling asleep if the room they are sleeping in aren’t completely dark. In these occasions, room darkening curtains will be incredibly helpful to help your baby fall asleep.

Are blackout curtains good for a nursery?

Are you asking yourself ‘how do I darken my nursery?’ To darken your baby’s nursery, it is best to use blackout curtains. This is especially helpful if your home gets a ton of sunlight, because as you probably know by now, babies tend to sleep very lightly and will wake up with a slightest change in light or sometimes even when their surroundings are noisy.

If you already have blackout blinds in your existing window treatments, you don’t necessarily need to get room darkening curtains. However, if you have regular white blinds, it’s best to get blackout curtains for baby’s room.

What’s the difference between blackout and room darkening shades?

If you thought blackout shades and room darkening curtains are the same, let me tell you, you might be in for a bit of a disappointment. 

According to Blindster, room darkening shades usually block out about 95% of light, meaning it will still let some light through. Blackout shades, on the other hand will block out 100% of light. 

Blackout curtains are not all made equally. Whereas some blackout curtains block 100% of light, some blackout curtains still let some light through. This all comes down to the blackout lining used in making the curtains. Because of this, it’s important to do your research on which blackout curtain to purchase. Some sellers will label their product as blackout curtains, when it might actually just be room darkening shades.

Do babies need pitch black sleeping?

While babies don’t necessarily need their surroundings to be pitch black to fall asleep, it certainly does help to have blackout curtains to help reduce the distractions around them so they can fall asleep quickly. Remember, your baby is brand new to this world, so they can be oversimulated easily, and they also tend to be curious about everything. Blackout curtains help remove these distractions so your baby can fall easily have a good night’s sleep.

Are blackout shades toxic?

Most blackout shades truly do contain some volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), so it’s understandable how many people will think they are ‘toxic’ or shy away from them completely. The chemicals used to create true blackout curtains may give them a slight smell. But the Sleep Cavern writes a great article about blackout curtains, and how they are not a cause for concern if used correctly. 

One of the ways to reduce your risk, and remove the smell when using blackout curtains is washing them before use. Also, this should be a no-brainer, but don’t put them right up to your nose and smell them! 

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What are the benefits of blackout curtains?

Here are a few benefits of using blackout curtains in your nursery:

  • Helps baby fall asleep faster
  • Reduces distractions for baby during naptime or bedtime
  • Can help baby sleep longer and have optimal sleep, especially during the day

In general though, blackout curtains are great not only for your baby’s nursery but also for your own room. We invested in blackout curtains for our room and it was such a great investment, especially in the summer when the sun rises at 5am!

Why do babies need blackout curtains?

Blackout curtains are essential for babies and young children who need to sleep during the day. During the day, bright sunlight can make it difficult for babies and toddlers to nap or get quality restorative sleep. Blackout curtains help block out 99% of light while providing thermal insulation, so they help keep a room dark and cool. This blackout effect also helps babies and toddlers to establish healthy sleep cycles because they can distinguish between day and night more easily. With blackout curtains, parents can ensure that their little ones get the optimal sleep they need for healthy growth and development.

Should you use blackout blinds for baby naps?

Blackout blinds are an excellent option for providing blackout conditions during baby and toddler naps. However, blackout curtains can provide better blackout effects since they hang around the window frame and block out more light. They also exhibit better insulation properties than blackout blinds, helping to keep the room cool in summer months.

Do babies need pitch black to sleep during the day?

Babies do not need a completely pitch-black environment to sleep during the day. However, blackout curtains are helpful for making sure that your baby’s sleeping area is dark and cool enough for optimal restful sleep.

The best blackout curtains for your nursery:

Now that that’s all said and done, here are the top blackout curtains for your nursery:

Basic Blackout Window Curtain Panels

These are at the very top because they are honestly the best curtain panels! I have these myself and have had them for almost a year now. Let me tell you, they work perfectly and block out 100% of light! They are made from thick material and is of good quality. It works perfectly if you have a window that gets lots of natural light. It also blocks out street noise so you can make sure your baby will be able to sleep uninterrupted.

Another plus is that there are many different colors to choose from, so you can match it to your nursery’s theme. However I do suggest that you go with a neutral color (we have grey) so that you can continue to use it even when you change out the decor in your baby’s nursery.

The only thing I don’t like (I’m just being picky at this point lol) is that it hangs on the curtain rod using grommets. I would prefer if it didn’t use grommets to hang on the curtain rod, as I just don’t like the way they look. But if that doesn’t bother you then these are the absolute perfect blackout curtains! In my very humble opinion these are the best blackout curtains for nursery that you can buy from Amazon!

Solid Blackout Layered with Sheer Curtains

If you are looking for something a little more dainty for your blackout curtains, you should get these ones! They are of good quality and heavy material and also blocks out light, but they are layered with a sheer panel for a more sophisticated look! It’s absolutely darling and are the perfect nursery blackout curtains girl from Amazon!

Pompom Blackout Curtains

These pompom curtains are so cute and perfect for a baby girl or baby boy’s nursery! It is top rated on Amazon! They are made of thick curtains and are good quality. These curtains iron nicely as well (if you have time to iron your curtains, do it! It’s a game changer!). They also include magnetic tie backs which are great for when your baby isn’t sleeping and want to see outside. With these curtains, baby’s room is sure to be stylish and cozy.

The only caveat: these curtains are not fully blackout curtains as they do let a bit of light through. I would call them room darkening curtains, but they deserve a place in this post because they are cute and they do darken the room pretty well!

Moon and Stars Blackout Curtains

These are one of the best blackout curtains if you are looking for something cute for your baby. These curtains are so cute and perfect for baby’s room. The moon and stars detail will not go with every nursery theme, but if you have a moon and stars nursery theme I think these will go with your theme nicely and will add a nice touch. They also come in a variety of colours (pink, grey, light grey and blue) which will allow you to match with your nursery theme without a problem. These curtains do not have an odor after opening up the package it comes with, as most blackout curtains do. They also help blockout outside noise. These are the perfect nursery blackout curtains boy for your baby boy’s nursery.

However, they only blockout about 80% of daylight and 100% of night street lights, so you might want to take this into consideration if your nursery gets a lot of morning light.

Best White Blackout Curtains

These are one of the best blackout curtains that aren’t too dard. These white blackout curtains are also so cute and I love the gold splotches details! It’s perfect for most nurseries and the added gold detail is just perfection. They are made with good quality fabric and do not let light through. They are true blackout curtains, that even the lighter shades will block out most light! These are the best white blackout curtains for nursery that I’ve found.

Might I add that these will also go well in any bedroom that you want blockout curtains for. It’s so versatile and so so cute!

This post was all about the best nursery blackout curtains.

We hope this list helped you figure out which blackout curtains to get! If it helped, show us some love in the comments below!

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