The Most Unique Monthly Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

This post is all about unique monthly baby photo shoot ideas.

unique monthly baby photo shoot ideas

So you just had a baby and want to do all the things! One of them being that you want to be able to take monthly milestone photos of your baby girl or baby boy so that you have it on record for many years to come. However, you don’t want just any 1 to 12 month baby photo ideas for your baby… you want the most unique monthly baby photo shoot idea! Well you’ve come to the right place for sure! Here I’ll give you the most unique 1 to 12 month baby photo ideas you can do at home, and I’ll even give you what I think is the best thing for you to do (of course, this is my opinion only, so take it with a grain of salt :))

What is a baby’s monthly birthday called?

First off, before we get to the meat of this post, I want to give you some trivia. Did you know that a baby’s monthly birthday is called a ‘mensiversary’? Celebrating a baby’s mensiversary has grown in popularity in the past couple of years with the advent of social media, and now, most new moms who are stuck at home on maternity leave will most surely have their baby’s milestone pictures on their social media profile. Typically the monthly birthday of a baby is celebrated up to his or her first birthday.

How can I celebrate my baby’s 1 month birthday? (And the subsequent months after)

Well, it truly depends on you! If you have a lot of budget to spare, why not get a cake as many parents do to celebrate their little baby? In my opinion it gets expensive and not really sustainable for the next 12 months of your baby’s life. Also, think about all the calories you’ll gain when eating all these birthday cakes!

But if you really truly want to do that, it’s an awesome idea, and makes for a great birthday photoshoot!

You can also celebrate by doing a unique monthly photo shoot, having a small get together with close family such as siblings and grandparents. Don’t forget that there are many more months ahead of the baby, and you will most likely want to splurge on the baby’s first birthday, so make sure to just have a low key celebration for the months leading up to the first birthday.

The Cutest Unique Baby Photo Shoot Ideas:

Numbers Cake

These are number 1 on my list because I always envy those babies that have the cutest numbers cake for their monthly photoshoot! I want to say this is one of the best monthly baby photoshoot ideas at home. Because it does cost some money, not a lot of people do it, so I would consider it unique! The best part? Being able to eat the cake after you’re done the photoshoot! I mean is that not a win-win-win?!

Pearhead Letter Board

Pearhead letterboards are so popular now that most people already have them in their homes anyway. Why not use a pearhead letter board for your baby’s monthly photoshoot? Make it unique by adding a bit of personality (a favourite flower, or even your pet!)

Here’s a link to a pearhead letter board if you are looking to get one:

Milestone Stickers

Milestone stickers are personally what I used as my baby monthly photo props, although technically I did do videos, but you get what I mean. You can find these literally anywhere! I got mine for a dollar at a liquidation store, and with some clever video taking and editing, you could make your baby’s milestone photoshoot unique without breaking the bank!

If you can’t find one at your local department store, here’s a great one you can get from Amazon:

Use Flowers

One of the most creative monthly baby picture ideas is to use flowers! If you have lots of flowers available to you, for example, if you live in a tropical place, then why not use flowers to create the big numbers beside your baby? It would be so dreamy and perfect for a beautiful little baby girl!

Still want to do this but don’t have fresh flowers available? Use faux flowers instead! Here’s my pick from Amazon:

Wooden Milestone Markers

These ones are so cute, and you can find so many of these markers on Etsy or even Amazon! Here’s my pick:

Go With The Season

This one’s fun! Basically use the elements that are popular in that season to create the numbers for your baby’s photoshoot! For example, if your baby is turning 1 month in the middle of December, why not use pinecones to create a huge #1 right beside your baby? Isn’t this a super fun idea!

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Plain Backdrop With Graphics Added

I love this idea and maybe it’s the best fit for you if you are a graphic designer, or if you have a creative mind. Adding graphics after taking the photo also gives you more leeway in terms of how you want to design your baby’s monthly milestone photo!

Pizza Slices

If you are a pizza lover (and honestly, who doesn’t like pizza?!) then this one would be so cute! The awesome thing with doing this too is that you can obviously eat the pizza right after taking the photo!

1-12 Blanket

You can get these blankets all over Etsy or Amazon, and it’s a great way to mark your baby’s milestone months! The awesome thing is you can easily use it for you monthly baby boy photoshoot at home, or if you have a girl, she can use it also! Here’s my pick from Amazon:

Create A Reel With Your Baby

I have to tell you that this is my most favourite way to keep a record of your baby’s monthly ‘birthdays’ because well… this is exactly what I’m doing with my little baby! It’s my favourite way because it’s not a still image (she’s moving throughout the video) and I just find it so much fun to create reels with my little girl! Of course, don’t let this pressure you into thinking that you have to create a reel for your baby’s monthly birthday, especially if you are not used to making a reel, but it’s definitely a unique idea!

This post was all about unique monthly baby photo shoot ideas.

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