The Cutest Nursing Necklace For Your Babe

This post is all about nursing necklaces and why wearing a nursing necklace is best for breastfeeding mamas!

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So you’ve successfully reached the second or third month postpartum. You’ve successfully latched your baby and have braved through all the pain breastfeeding brings. You can feed baby no problem, and most of the pain has gone away. 

You were probably thinking that it’s smooth sailing from now, except one day, you noticed that your baby has become more and more aware of his/her surroundings and while breastfeeding, they accidentally yank your boob because they want to turn their head to look at something that caught their eyes.

Yup. Been there, done that. No worries, that’s where having a nursing necklace for distracted baby comes in! Read on for the absolute best nursing necklaces that will literally save your life (and your boobs!)

But first? What is a nursing necklace?

What is a nursing necklace?

A nursing necklace is something that you as the breastfeeding mom will wear around your neck for your little one to fiddle with while breastfeeding. It is durable and totally safe for baby. That means there are no small parts that will be a choking hazard for your baby. 

What is a nursing necklace for?

A nursing necklace is for any mom that has ever felt the pain of their nipple being yanked by their little one as they were breastfeeding because they were distracted by something in their surroundings. It is also helpful to use if your little one keeps unlatching because they want to look at something else. It’s also good for mothers who are tired of having their shirt or hair pulled by their baby while nursing.

Are nursing necklaces safe?

Yes Nursing necklaces are very safe to use and may save you a few strands of hair and also save your sanity. It may help the baby concentrate better on feeding and not stop every few minutes– because God knows latching and unlatching can still be very uncomfortable if done repeatedly over a short period of time!

According to First Cry, nursing necklaces are made specifically for your baby, so there are no dangers whatsoever in wearing one. In fact, First Cry recommends using a nursing necklace to help with feeding rather than a regular necklace because of the choking hazard a regular necklace may present.

Why do breastfed babies twiddle?

According to The Guardian, breastfed babies twiddle the other nipple to help release more oxytocin, which in turn helps mom make more milk. On the other hand, many babies twiddle as a way of comforting themselves, and is a comforting mechanism that they use while feeding. According to Healthline, twiddling helps babies comfort themselves because physical touch is extremely comforting to people of all ages, but more so for babies and children.

What are the benefits of wearing a breastfeeding necklace?

There are so many benefits of wearing a breastfeeding necklace, and truthfully, these benefits are not only for the mom, but for the baby as well. 

Benefits for Mom

Let’s start off with the benefits of wearing a nursing necklace for you, mama. Wearing a breastfeeding necklace can help your baby to concentrate and therefore save your nipple from the excruciating pain of being pulled and yanked in every direction because your baby can’t stay till. Let’s also not forget that babies that are easily distracted can let go of the boob (ie. unlatch) and latch again, and unlatch again, and… well you get the point. At this point of your journey, you probably have gotten used to the latching and unlatching, and it should not hurt much anymore. Except when baby keeps doing it over and over again, well the pain can start up again. Wearing a breastfeeding necklace gives baby something to concentrate on so they will not be distracted by their surroundings.

Benefits for Baby

The world is full of stimuli, most especially for a baby. A baby can start being distracted around 3 months old, at which time, they may be too fascinated by the world around them that they will forgo breastfeeding in order to stare intently at a moving object not far away. Having a breastfeeding necklace for baby to play with will help them continue to breastfeed so the baby doesn’t get distracted and can actually feed and get the nutrients baby needs! Sometimes, they will also forgo nursing if they are distracted which will prevent the baby from sleeping and getting the rest that they need. A nursing necklace is a great solution for these problems.

Why not wear a regular necklace?

If you are thinking of wearing a regular necklace instead of a nursing necklace, I would strongly advise you out of it. REgular necklaces aren’t made specifically for baby to fiddle with, and may even be dangerous and a hazard for baby to play with. For example, if you decide you want to wear your gold necklace instead of a nursing necklace for your baby to play with, well don’t come crying to me when your necklace snaps and your baby puts it in her mouth! Other necklaces usually also have small pieces to them, which then becomes a choking hazard because we all know that babies love putting everything in their mouth! My suggestion? Please do not wear your regular necklace as a nursing necklace!

Tips for breastfeeding a distracted baby

If you have a distracted baby, don’t worry, there are ways to help your baby concentrate on feeding. Here are my best tips for breastfeeding a distracted baby: 

  • Wear a breastfeeding cover – so that You can block any outside stimuli that may catch your little one’s attention. This also works if you are trying to put your baby to sleep and she’s trying to fight it.
  • Hold your baby firmly to your chest – if your baby is being fussy at the breast, it may be that they just want to play! But if you are trying to feed a baby that clearly needs to eat, just hold her firmly to your breast (make sure she can still breathe!), and when she wants to turn her head or pull on the breast, hold her with a firm hand. 
  • Check the essentials – if your baby is fussy at the breast, it could be that he needs to pass gas, burp, or change her diapers. If he clearly wants to eat but is being fussy, check these first, because sometimes, they just feel too uncomfortable to even focus on feeding. 
  • Wear a nursing necklace! – this one can help your baby continue feeding while paying attention to the necklace and not to other stimuli. 

What age do babies get distracted while nursing?

As previously mentioned, babies start getting distracted around 3 months old, however, on the rare case, a baby can begin being distracted around 2 month old! Can you imagine? Your breasts are just starting to heal from the beginning of breastfeeding, and yeow! Now your baby wants to yank it!

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Is it safe to put nursing necklace on baby?

No. Please do not put a nursing necklace around your baby. It can be a dangerous choking hazard, especially if your baby decides to pull on it. 

Now, on to the good part! Here are my favourite, top picks for nursing necklaces!

The Cutest Nursing Necklaces:

1. Beige Nursing Necklace By MaraBooHandmade

best nursing necklace

I love this one from Etsy! It’s made of natural materials, such as wood and yarn, and has different textures to keep your baby focused and entertained! Love the neutral colours as well and honestly it looks so stylish and has a fun boho vibe, I wouldn’t mind wearing it in public!

2. Silicone Nursing Necklace

This one from Amazon is super affordable and perfect as a nursing necklace for teething babies! The beads are silicone and safe to bite if baby is teething! The design isn’t bad either and can also be worn out and about!

3. Snuggle Bugz Teething Nursing Necklace

nursing beads necklace

If you spend some time browsing through the endless options for nursing teething necklaces at Snuggle Bugz, you are sure to find one that’s more your style. They come in different colour combinations (colourful, pinks, boho, etc) and all are safe for baby! They are made of food grade silicone and perfect to stimulate baby’s growing brain while keeping her focused while breastfeeding. Personally, this pink one is my favourite!

4. All natural Set of nursing necklace and ring (toy) gift

baby nursing necklace

This breastfeeding nursing necklace from Etsy is such a great deal! You get a nursing necklace and a toy ring for the price of one! Also love the wooden ring added on it — it provides an additional detail for baby to be fixated on. Also loving all the boho vibes from this one!

5. Rosa – Nursing necklace

nursing necklace for mom

Oh my goodness how sweet is this nursing necklace? The beads look high end with the marbling detail and I would definitely wear it out! Even though it looks like a real piece of jewelry, this is made of silicone and totally safe for your little one!

Bonus Tip:

If this curated selection left you wanting more, or if you haven’t quite found the one that aligns with your style, I suggest browsing Etsy for nursing necklaces! All the sellers there are so creative and I have no doubt you will find the one that’s perfect for you!

This post was all about finding the best nursing necklace.

We hope this list helped you find the nursing necklace that will help with feeding your little one! Leave a comment below if you found it useful!

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