Racist And Inconsiderate – 11 Times People Immediately Said ‘Nope’ To A Second Date

First dates can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and full of surprises. Sometimes, those surprises are not so pleasant, and they can lead to a decision to not go on a second date.

Trying to Change My Order

Couple Ordering Food
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“He tried to change my order with the waitress because I didn’t order what he’d recommended.”

Getting Pulled Over with Illegal Substance in the Car

Police Patrol Checking the Trunk
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“He got us pulled over, car was searched and he had illegal substance in the trunk. I almost got arrested. He finally vouched this was a blind date and I was innocent.”

Surprise Boyfriend

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“Went to dinner with a girl who I’d been crushing on for quite some time. It seemed to be going well, and we ended up back at her place, watching a movie or something. Out of nowhere, her boyfriend (of whom I was not aware) came back from out of town and stopped in unexpectedly. He and I had a super awkward conversation for a few minutes, then the two of them disappeared into another room for a minute or two. She came back, and said something to the effect of, “I don’t have a place for you. I’m sorry.” I just kind of got in my car and drove home, with one of the strangest feelings that I’d ever felt. At some point, a few minutes into the journey, I couldn’t contain myself and busted out laughing.”

Paying For A Friend

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“Making me pay for her and her friend’s meal on our first date”

Talking About Her Ex

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“Talked about her ex the whole time. Also halfway through, she told me she was still with him. Also he was her husband.”

Demeaning My Career

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“She asked when I would get a real career. I love what I do. I’m a union stagehand in a major entertainment city. I have been in my industry for over 20 years, toured the country, toured the world, make a comfortable living. That question is pretty demeaning and I’m out.”

Racist Behavior

Man Doing Facepalm
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“The waitress was a lovely young black woman. He referred to her as being attractive for a ‘colored’. He touched her which is not ok. You don’t touch your waitress. He also made aggressive ‘looks’ at another table where a family was dining (they were what looked to be Indian) and commented loudly that they were what was wrong with America.”

Ignoring Me for Her Phone

Young Man Spy On Girlfriends
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“She kept writing to her friends on WhatsApp a play by play of the date instead of listening to me, so I stood up, paid my dinner and left because I found it disrespectful ”

Obsessed with Bagpipes

Woman Showing Doubtful
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“I asked about his hobbies and he said “I play the bagpipes”. I thought that was really cool and asked him to tell me more. He says, “Are you sure?” I said “Yes.” He proceeds to go on about bagpipes for the rest of the night. To be fair, I did ask him to tell me more. I hope he’s doing well and found someone just as passionate about bagpipes.”

Wrong Name

Suspicious Intense and Defensive Ginger Girl
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“He said, ‘you’re a really good kisser Amber.’ My name is Ashley.”

Aliens And Ghosts

Attractive Young Woman
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“She told me that aliens cause jet lag and that I have the ghost of a fisherman following me around named Samuel (on top of the 20 other random things she said at dinner).”

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