22 Great Ideas For Push Presents For Dads

Many new dads feel that they get overlooked when it comes to childbirth gifts. Many new moms focus all their attention on the new baby and forget there is a father in the room who will be going home with them after spending days at the hospital.

Mom may not be able to go out and buy childbirth presents for dad when she’s in the throes of labor, but she can make a list for friends and family members to give him a push present from his wife’s childbirth or from the whole childbirth experience!

This is your chance to show your appreciation to your partner for everything he has been through. After all, he’s the one who’s been there throughout the ups and downs on your pregnancy.

But wait, you might be thinking, “no way, I should be the one getting a gift for pushing out a baby!”

And it’s true. As the mom, 90% of the work is on you, However, know that push presents for dad are completely optional, and you don’t need to get them for your partner at all.

If you do feel like your husband has gone beyond and was exceptionally supportive during pregnancy, and if you feel compelled to get a push present for him, then there’s no rule against that either!

Do fathers get push presents?

gift for dad
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Yes, if you want to give it! Push presents for dad are gifts that many mothers buy to reward their husband or partner for helping them through labor.

There is no exact term for push presents for dads, but men may be given gifts by women after they have given birth. These can include everything from a voucher for a meal out at his favorite restaurant to an extravagant sports car.

While push presents become more common among today’s parents, they aren’t entirely new phenomena. Fathers-to-be who showed significant amounts of commitment during pregnancy were traditionally rewarded with items such as cigars and neckties in decades past. A push present was known as a layette before the 1950s. In French this meant “outfit.” In addition to push presents, some expectant mothers also give their husbands a “shower” after the baby is born, in which they can receive gifts and celebrate with friends and family.

What is a typical push present?

gift package
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A push present is a gift given to the mother by the father after labor or after ‘pushing out’ the baby (hence the name). This type of gift has become more common in American culture, even though it is not considered traditional. It is said that push presents began for dads who want to acknowledge the effort and pain mothers go through to birth a child. With that said, push presents can also be given by the mother to the father for the dad’s role in supporting mom during pregnancy and labor.

Push presents are usually given to men right after baby is born. This push present is supposed to show appreciation for all of the father’s efforts throughout pregnancy and may include any type of gift. It is said push presents began when mothers wanted to acknowledge their husbands’ efforts during pregnancy and birth.

How much should a push present cost?

gift for father's day
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Push presents are a gift that some women receive after they give birth to their child. They are given by the baby’s father or other family members. Most women keep them as mementos of the day their baby was born. Since most people do not have any actual knowledge on how much push presents should cost, they are usually priced competitively with what is happening in the world at that time.

There is no set rule on how much push presents should cost, but this article provides some ideas of what you might pay for one if you were interested in buying one today. A lower-priced gift could be just perfect for someone who cannot afford an expensive gift right now. On the other hand, a more expensive gift may be a better choice for someone who has the money to spend.

What should a push present cost? Prices range from very simple gifts at $25 to elaborate ones costing several thousand dollars. Many people appreciate knowing how much others have spent on their push presents, because it helps them get an idea of where they stand in relation to others who also received one. In general, lower-priced gifts are fine for most people and you can go up from there depending upon your budget and relationships with each other.

Again, don’t feel obliged to give a push present, and if you do decide to give one, it doesn’t need to be a huge elaborate gift! sometimes, a heartfelt card is all that’s needed to make a neglected future-dad feel seen.

When should you give a push present?

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A push present can be given anytime during pregnancy and throughout labor, but it’s usually given in private without the presence of onlookers such as one’s extended family. For example, if Grandma and Grandpa come to visit later in the evening when mom and dad bring baby home from the hospital, grandma might want to wait until everyone else leaves before giving mom (or dad) their presents.

22 Great Push Presents For Dad

Here are some ideas for push presents for dads that are sure to please!

A Gratitude Card

thank you card
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We all know babies tend to cost a lot, so why not keep it simple and give a card to your man? A card where mom can share her gratitude on is a really nice way of saying thank you. It’s also a great way to let him know how much you appreciate having him around at this special time in your lives.

If you’re feeling extra creative, make a handmade card. He will appreciate it for sure!

Daddy and me book

photo book
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What better way to tell your partner that he’ll be an important part of your baby’s life than giving a daddy and me book? Not many dads get gifts like these, and a lot of first time dads feel like outsiders sometimes during the pregnancy and first few weeks of baby’s life. Make sure he has no feelings of insecurities by giving him this book.

Send flowers!

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Who said flowers are for women only? Go a different route and give him something unexpected, such as flowers! You can send him some flowers to express your gratitude without actually having to say anything! The smell of fresh flowers is renowned for improving moods and lifting spirits.

A Box of Chocolates

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Send him his favorite box of chocolates because childbirth (even just witnessing it) is tiring, and exhausting work! A little bit of chocolate now and then goes a long way to boost his morale during childbirth.

Childbirth Photos Framed

parents with newborn
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If your man is on the sentimental side, this gift is sure to please! Personal childbirth photos are what couples can look back on when they need reminding of how happy they were together at childbirth plus it’s also a great childbirth keepsake for them to share with their child once they grow up!

What a great reminder of the magical moment when you became parents!

Engraved Keychain

Image Credit: Mile Atanasov from magraphics via Canva.com.

If you are looking for something personalized but a bit more subtle, there are plenty of unique keychain ideas on Etsy that can be personalized for the dad-to-be. This can also be given for father’s day for any dad in general! This one made of wood is our pick for its simplicity and clean look.

Heartfelt letter

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A nice card is another great idea because childbirth can be hard work and heartfelt messages are always appreciated by anyone who receives them, especially new dads who feel like they never get enough quality time with their partner before childbirth.

Personalized kitchen textiles

kitchen textiles
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If you know your partner likes to cook then personalized kitchen textiles is another good option that will remind him daily of his role as a father while also adding some color to the kitchen while he cooks up a storm in there!

Personalized clothing related to hobbies

fishing clothes
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It might seem obvious but if dad has any hobbies i.e.: fishing or hunting then any type of clothing or ornament that has childbirth date on it is another great childbirth gift idea for new dads!

Tickets to sporting events

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If you want to give him something useful then you can buy him tickets to his favorite sporting event which he can watch once the baby is born and mom feels up to it, if not before!

Personalized jewelry

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This is the perfect gift if the gift recipient is keen on wearing accessories/jewelry. There are plenty of dog-tag options out there, but we though a necklace with washers that are engraved with the kid’s name and birthdate is so much more original! This would be such a cool gift for mechanic dads!

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Personalized Socks

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I love this next one; try get your partner some socks with the baby’s birth date on them! These are really popular because they keep feet warm and they also look great so this is one of the childbirth gifts for dad that will definitely be used a lot!

Personalized Ornament

Image Credit: sergeymironov via Canva.com.

Another childbirth gift idea for new dads is any type of ornament that has your baby’s birthdate on it. You can purchase these in store, but why not put your own personal touch to the present and get creative and make something yourself? There are plenty of childbirth gift ideas just waiting to be made by creatives who have got their creative juices flowing!

A Plant

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A plant, tree or shrub is another clever option that all new parents can enjoy while spending time outside in the garden after childbirth looking over their new family!


Image Credit: inenkiy from Andrew Angelov via Canva.com.

If you have already been through childbirth before then invest in some photo memory books that can be made by a local photography company and they will design and print out the book for you! Dad won’t be the only one who enjoys these. Mom and any siblings will also love looking through them as well!

Personalized Video

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For those of us who are craftier than others this is a great gift idea; make a personal pregnancy and childbirth video or DVD that has all of your favorite photos from pregnancy printed on each side with an inscription that says “that day was the best day of my life because it meant we would meet our new son soon after childbirth!”

Jigsaw puzzle

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If your partner likes jigsaws then why not get him a personalized puzzle of the newborn or of pregnant mom – this will give him plenty to do while he’s at home with mom and baby.

Dad and Baby Matching Outfit

dad and baby
Image Credit: Foxy Dolphin via Canva.com.

This one is sure to be a hit! Daddy and me matching outfits are always appreciated by expecting parents because they’re cute, and the enamoured parent can match with their newborn! We love this one that has references to The Office! If your guy loves The Office, this would be the most fun gift.


Image Credit: phodopus via Canva.com.

Why not try get your partner a childbirth book so they can learn about what childbirth is really like i.e.: The New Dad’s Survival Guide, by Scott Mactavish or Pregnancy Countdown Book: Nine Months of Practical Tips for Busy Dads-to-Be , by John Simek

Childbirth Video

woman giving child
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A childbirth DVD with actual footage inside the delivery room during childbirth has become very popular because this is one of the only times men can witness childbirth first hand so this childbirth gift idea is ideal for childbirth partners everywhere!

Babywearing hoodie

father and baby
Image Credit: annakryanova via Canva.com.

This babywearing hoodie is a thoughtful gift idea for the future dad in your life. It has a zip-off pouch that fits over a baby carrier which will allow the future dad to wear his baby outside without getting both baby and dad cold. It’s made of soft, fleece finish which makes it more comfortable to wear. The great thing about this sweater is that the insert comes off to become a regular sweater when you don’t need to wear baby.

A Gag Gift

blue gift
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Keep it light and give him the gift of laughter! These socks are our pick for funny gag gifts for the new dad!

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