10 Unusual Things Moms Say Their Children Are Currently Obsessed With

Kids can sometimes have the most unusual obsessions that may seem bizarre to adults. Here are some weird obsessions parents have shared about their children.

Gangnam Style and the Pillsbury Doughboy

gangnam style
Image Credit: Dragonimages via Canva.com.

“I have a three year old boy. His current obsessions are Gangnam Style and the Pillsbury Doughboy. All day I hear him talk about the Pillsbury Doughboy like they’re life long friends.”

Teaching Herself Italian

Italian language
Image Credit: Juan Moyano via Canva.com.

“My daughter is older, she is 13 and she is obsessed with teaching herself Italian. It’s actually very impressive. She is constantly on Duolingo in her free time and has now started throwing in Italian phrases in speaking to us.”

Straws as Imaginary Friends

Drinking straw
Image Credit: Vadreams via Canva.com.

“My four year old has, for the last year, been absolutely bonkers for straws. Any time anyone has a straw, she has to have it. And once she gets it she dives deep down into this world of make-believe where the straw is a snake that she befriends and invites on all kinds of adventures.”

Imaginary Friends from China

imaginary friends
Image Credit: tomeqs by tomeqsphotos via Canva.com.

“Mine at 3 had two imaginary friends: Rose and The Boy who were both from China (we live in the US). Every day I heard the adventures of Rose and The Boy — it was amazing what his preschool mind would create.”

Fascination with Hands

baby hand
Image Credit: pixland from Photo Images via Canva.com.

“Mine is probably normal for a 5 month old but his hands. He holds them up and stares at them for at least 15 minutes at a time. It’s so cute!”

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Monkeys, Except Lemurs

Image Credit: Vantha So’s Images via Canva.com.

“I don’t know if it’s ‘weird,’ but monkeys. Any form of apes, primate or monkey. Except lemurs… He hates lemurs!”

The Phantom of the Opera

Venetian Mask
Image Credit: Billion Photos via Canva.com.

“My four year old is currently obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera. He is wearing a suit, cape, and mask right now.”

Trains, Trains Everywhere

Boy playing with trains
Image Credit: Edvankun via Canva.com.

“Trains, trains everywhere. My 3yo is obsessed, we have the living room converted to a train track and have to build and rebuild everything at least once a day. Driving in the metro or with a train makes him the happiest kid, even better if he has some toy-train along with him and he wants to go to the Train-museum like every day. It’s been like this for a good year now.”

How It’s Made

How it's made
Image Credit: Icons8 Photos via Canva.com.

“My 3 year old is obsessed with the show how’s it’s made. It’s all he wants to watch. I find it so weird but at least it’s not boring to watch.”

Traffic Lights

traffic lights
Image Credit: poco_bw from lucian coman’s images via Canva.com.

“My 2 1/2 yr old is obsessed with traffic lights. Every time we’re out we have to stop and stare at every single one. We went to a kid’s museum and they had one on the ground and we spent over an hr with it. Forget the slides and other toys, it was all about this traffic light.”

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