12 Dead Giveaways That Someone is an Only Child

Growing up as an only child means you have completely different experiences growing up compared to someone who grew up with siblings. Here are ten dead giveaways that someone is an only child according to Reddit users.

Trusting Easily

Girl Closing Eyes of Her Boyfriend on Beach
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“I told my boyfriend to close his eyes and open his mouth (I was surprising him with candy), and he just did it with no suspicion at all. People with siblings can’t trust like that.”

Passive Behavior

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“My friend jokingly threw a tea towel at me and I let is land on me. She said that was classic only child behaviour to not instantly throw it back and try to hit her with it.”

Exposure To More Media

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“I’m an only child. One huge difference I see time and time again with those who have siblings is that they had much more exposure to a longer timespan of media/music/games growing up. My idea of nostalgia consists of my specific timeline of media growing up, but those with siblings were able to watch tv shows their older brother watched, or knows about that game their little sister played.”

Not Announcing Where They Are Going

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“I heard once only children are less likely to announce where they are going when they leave a room. Right away I realized I do that, but my partner who grew up with two sisters tells me where he’s about to go when he moves, even if it’s to the bathroom.”

Forgiving Easily

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“My boyfriend is an only child and the giveaway was his confusion at how I can be mad at my sister (who is also my roommate) one minute and turn around and get ice cream or go see a movie together.”

Difficulty Sharing Food

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“My husband HATES sharing food!”

Good At Entertaining Themselves

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“My husband is very good at keeping himself entertained and busy. This was very evident during the past few years when I was so bored and lost because all my previous hobbies and pastimes were outside the home and/or social activities. My husband, however, just kept going and picked up so many new little hobbies that were independent.”

Friends Is Different From Siblings

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“Thinking friendship is like having siblings. It’s not. I would never smash a toy on my friend’s head and expect them to speak to me after.”

Eating Habits

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“From personal experience, food habits. Like buying snacks to store at home and fully expecting them to not have been touched when you’re gone, or eating slower at the dinner table because you’re not fighting over the good food. As a teen, on the rare occasion my dad would steal a snack I got for myself I’d freak out, whereas my friends with siblings just resigned themselves to the fate of snacks inevitably disappearing. My mom eats super fast at meals, and she attributes it largely to growing up with siblings.”

No Tales of Sibling Violence

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“No tales of sibling violence. My boyfriend doesn’t understand. I told him not to throw things at me expecting me to catch it – my instinct is to shield my face.”

Need For Alone Time

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“I find that most of us need alone time. I can be pretty sociable but it can get overwhelming quick. I need alone time every day or my stress levels rise to a point where I can’t handle it.”

More Comfortable Around Adults

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“I can’t tell for adults, but when it’s one of my kids’ friends, the kid who ends up trying to hang out with the adults and gets overwhelmed by being in a group of kids is usually an only child.”

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