Cap Or No Cap? 10 Gen Z Phrases That Annoys Or Confuses Older Generation

Gen Z has a unique language and culture that sets them apart from other generations. A lot of them don’t make sense to older generations, and many of these are also annoying to everyone else.

I Love That for You

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The phrase “I love that for you” has become a popular way to show support and encouragement. But it’s annoying for everyone who has to listen to it.

Cap or Bussin

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Gen Z has a unique way of expressing enthusiasm and approval, often using words like “cap” and “bussin” or typing words with sparkles or stars around them.

“Ok Boomer” to a Millennial

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While “Ok Boomer” was originally directed at baby boomers, it has become a catch-all phrase for anyone who seems out of touch or old-fashioned, including millennials.


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The word “bussin” has become a popular way to describe something that is really good or enjoyable. Except it’s not enjoyable to anyone other than Gen Z

Skull Emoji When Something is Funny

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The skull emoji has become a popular way to indicate that something is so funny it’s “deadly.” Many still don’t get it.

“It’s the _____ for Me” and “Understood the Assignment”

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These phrases have become popular ways to express admiration or approval, often used in response to a specific trait or behavior. These phrases just seem rudementary.

Calling Anyone Gen X a Boomer

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While technically incorrect, some Gen Zers use the term “boomer” to refer to anyone older than them, including Gen X.

Born Last Century

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“What Do You Know, You Were Born, Like…Last Century…?” Apparently Gen Z doesn’t know how long a century is.

“That’s Cap”

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The phrase “that’s cap” means that something is a lie or not true. Where did this phrase originate from anyway?

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