On Gender Pronouns And More: Woke Millennials Share Their Most Conservative Opinions

It’s no secret that millennials tend to lean more liberal in their political views, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have conservative opinions on certain issues. Some ‘woke’ millennials share some conservative opinions they hold that may surprise you.

Gender Pronouns

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One person shared that while they have no issue with using preferred pronouns, they don’t see the need for overly precious language like “chestfeeding” or “birthing person.”

“What boggles my mind is “breast” is gender-neutral. I’m all for using the pronouns of your choice, but if you are a man who carried a child in your womb and are nursing that child with your functional mammary glands, let’s not be overly precious about innocuous words like “breast”.”

Foreign Aid

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Another person shared that they don’t believe we should be sending billions of dollars in aid to other countries when we can’t even take care of ourselves.

Political Correctness

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Another said that sometimes political correctness language is just plain annoying. “Sometimes political correctness language just gets a ginormous eye roll from me. Someone sent me a blog post about ableist terms after I used the words ‘tone deaf’ to describe a politician.”

Gender Ideology

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“Gender ideology has gotten crazy. I am not saying Trans people don’t exist, but between the new identities and pronouns like xe xim and the issue of figuring out why so many kids feel they are Trans, the left is looking as culty as the right. It’s just that their God is twitch streams and tiktokers”

Cultural Relativism

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Another person shared that sometimes, certain cultures or aspects of cultures can be empirically more unhealthy or harmful to human lives than others.

Repeat Offenders

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One person chimed in: They believe that repeat petty criminals should be prosecuted, or else they’ll graduate to higher levels of crime.

Transgender Sports

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“The right of transgender people to play sports is not a right, and has nothing to do with civil rights”

Pronoun Usage

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“I don’t care if I accidentally call you the wrong pronoun. I absolutely won’t do it on purpose but I’m going to call you a man if you look like one. If I’m corrected I’ll call you by your preferred pronoun, nickname, or whatever.”

Language Learning

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Another person shared that they believe people should learn the most common language of the country they’re moving to, especially if they have a job working with the public.

Healthcare System

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Another said that they’re not completely opposed to a two-tier healthcare system, where everyone has access to primary and emergent care but those who can afford it can pay for non-urgent and/or aesthetic care.

Land Ownership

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Another person shared that they don’t believe we should sell land to people who aren’t citizens, especially since many countries wouldn’t allow US citizens to purchase land there.

Social Media Regulations

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“I have no idea if this is a conservative opinion but we should have some regulations on social media. Facebook went off the rails pushing algorithms of lunatic conspiracy because it got more engagement. Of course we have a bunch of old people in Congress who barely know how to open a PDF so no one was surprised when we found out how bad it was happening and then they just hit the snooze button.”

Voter ID Laws

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Lastly, someone shared that they have no issue with voter ID laws, which require voters to present identification before casting their vote.

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