Pressure And Competing With Others – The 11 Worst Reasons To Have A Baby

Having a baby is a big decision that should be made for the right reasons. Unfortunately, some people have babies for all the wrong reasons. Here are some of the worst reasons to have a baby.

To Compete with Someone

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Having a baby to compete with someone is a terrible reason to start a family. Children should be brought into the world because they are wanted and loved, not to one-up someone else.

Pressure from Family

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Feeling pressured by family to have a baby is another bad reason to start a family. “My family would tell me that they’d pay for everything if I had a kid. I eventually had a kid and they haven’t given me a single penny. Bunch of liars. My wife and I will jokingly bring it up when we see them. They always get embarrassed and change the subject.”

To Save a Relationship

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“To save the relationship. It never works, it just drags an innocent baby into a miserable situation.”

Social Media Content

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Using a baby as content for social media is another terrible reason to have a child. Children are not props and should not be used for likes and shares on social media.

Organ Donor

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“To have an organ donor for later.” Nothing else to say here, really. Just don’t do it.

Trauma Healing

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Having a baby to heal from trauma is another bad reason to start a family. “My dad had an incredibly traumatizing childhood. Instead of dealing with his subsequent mental illnesses a person at his church told him to “have lots of kids, it will heal your trauma.” So he had six and we ended up homeless at certain points and traumatized ourselves. Idiot”

Specific Gender

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Having a baby for a specific gender. Children should be loved and accepted regardless of their gender.

Peer Pressure

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Feeling pressured to have a baby because everyone else is doing it is just terrible. Having a child is a personal decision that should be made for the right reasons, not because of peer pressure.

Cosmetic Reasons

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“I know a woman who was hoping it would give her bigger breasts. Anyone who thinks this is smart has no idea that once the baby pops out or you’re done breastfeeding, your breasts will literally deflate”

Financial Benefits

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Having a baby for financial benefits, such as child support or other monetary benefits, is just not a smart decision.

Because They’re Cute

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“Because you find them cute. They aren’t a pet.”

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