Unbelievable Reasons People Have Quit Their Job in the Middle of a Work Shift

Quitting a job in the middle of a work shift is a bold move that many people have made for a variety of reasons. People share their experiences and why they ultimately decided to quit their job in the middle of a work shift.

Fraudulent Pay

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“The owner told me that he pays taxes for us so he pays us cash and it is after taxes. So we got paid $7.5 per hour and not the $10 per hour we agreed to. I walked out and called the IRS hotline to report fraud.”

Unsafe Working Conditions

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One person shared that they worked as a dishwasher for a restaurant for 2 weeks. “The A/C for kitchen and office both broke the day before I started. The office A/C was fixed the following day, while the kitchen A/C ‘wasn’t priority’. There was a heatwave in August, hitting 115° outside. The whole kitchen staff walked out.”

Unbearable Job

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“I was looking for work and took anything I could find, unfortunately the job I found was telemarketing. The work sucked and I hated it, I always took no for an answer and that got me in lots of trouble. They kept putting me in a room with this old VHS tape on pressure tactics and never taking no for an answer. The tape went for an hour so I just had a nap instead. Thankfully I was also looking for work on the side and found a job at the local supermarket, so I knew I had a backup plan. The next time they put me in that room with that tape, I had a nap again and then when I came out, management said that if I had to go back in there again, I would be terminated. I just said “I’ll save you the trouble, I quit”. That really pissed them off because they were already understaffed.”

Unreasonable Demands

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“I worked at a car wash during the winter in the wet tunnel. The manager got mad at me for wearing a coat that didn’t have the company logo on it. However, they didn’t make uniform coats. I left. It gets below zero here regularly, and I’m not risking my life or even my comfort for $12 an hour.”

Charging For Breakages

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“Me and the entire waiting staff walked out. The new owner of the restaurant I worked for wanted to charge the staff for breakages.”

Overworked and Underappreciated

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“I was a cook at a restaurant and the new manager kept making me cover dish pit because the dishwasher was not showing up. I told him if he kept making me cover the dish pit, I was gonna put my 2 weeks in. He said “good” and went back to cooking. So I went and grabbed my shoes and backpack, got his attention, and I gave him the peace sign and left. Keep in mind i had been there for three years, worked as a busser, dishwasher, server, host, and cook. I did everything they asked. He had only been our manager for 2 months.”

Poor Business Decisions

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“Dell computer sales 1998. They fired 90% of all the commission making sales people and replaced them with hourly workers from a temp agency. They then asked me to train the new hires. I said, “maybe you should have trained them before firing everyone— why would I train them so you can fire me in 2 weeks?” I then grabbed my things and got out of there!”

Disrespectful Work Environment

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“I was 17 and just finshed mopping the floor at closing time and was walking out the door. The owner’s son walked across the floor in boots covered in motor oil and told me to clean up the mess he made. I dropped the mop on the floor and told him to do it himself. I was being paid minimum wage and wasn’t going to deal with that treatment.”

Commission-Based Job with No Commission

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“I got a job at a new grooming salon in a Petco. It was a commission based job, and they still had a sign out front saying “grooming salon coming soon”. So after a week of making no money, I came into work wearing jeans. The manager said, “You can’t wear jeans here.” I said “ok” and then turned around and walked out never to be seen again. He called a week later asking me to come back. I laughed and hung up.”

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